Victoria Randles

Victoria Randles is a yoga enthusiast but even more so a true student of life. She shares her life experiences off the mat and hopes to enlighten and awaken the light of those she comes across. Namaste.

Finding a Good Yoga Instructor - Meet your Match

Finding a good yoga instructor is like finding a good hairdresser. You want to be able to totally relax and enjoy the outcome of the yoga class, and come out feeling like a million bucks. Find out the criteria to meet your match.

Practice Makes Perfect?

Seeking perfection can lead to a path of destruction. There is no freedom in a perfectionist's mind, and the only way out is to surrender. Yoga is a great place to dispel any negative thought patterns you've created.

Are you a Yogi off the Mat?

Those that consider themselves modern day yogis should make an effort to apply the work they've done to every moment in their lives, on or off the mat.


Time seems to fly by, yet we all want it to last longer, go by quicker or fast forward to the future in hopes for something better to happen in our lives. What if you could erase time and actually do something more meaningful?

Yoga for Kids, Fad or FAB?

Yoga for Kids, is it a Fad or FAB? Ever notice how children are natural born yogis, with open hips, hearts and minds. Susie Lopez, a children's yoga teacher shares with us her knowledge on the benefits of yoga for kids.

What's Your Happy Thought?

It's easy to get wrapped up in the ego's illusions of how we should perceive ourselves, others and the world. Using personal mantras can help shift your perspective at any given moment and change your mindset.

There's No Place Like 'Om'

Once you get in touch with the happiness inside yourself, you are in a whole new ball game. Find out the benefits of 'om', which is a chant that represents the union of body, mind and soul.