Earth Web: We are all connected

The earth and our environment is all connected like a spider web or invisible thread. These webs are then connected to each other composing a multi dimensional pattern which illustrates life and all our surroundings. The web is so large and delicate, that any event on one part of the web can affect the whole. This is because matter and energy is believed to be made of spirit. This is known as the spiritual fifth element.

earth web

When we weave new intentions and patterns into this web, we need to consider these interventions as a whole. We need to respect the whole well being of the web, not just part of it, or the part that we live in. If we approach life in this way, then we can be on our way to more peace, love and happiness. It's all about cause and affect.

There is a belief that what you send out into the universe comes back to you. If you send out positive thoughts and blessings, that's what will be sent back to you. Someone causing destructive behavior is actually harming themselves. They are failing to grow psychologically and spiritually and causing damage to themselves.

Any life changes or action that you seek need to be carefully weighed, in the reference of your own life and the lives of others. Having a positive attitude, doing good deeds and having good karma for yourself and others will lead you into a successful and auspicious life.

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