Havenly Rejuvenation

Written by Deborah Norton.

Inspiration will ebb and flow throughout our lives and create memorable moments for us, but it is our responsibility as individuals to find ways to rejuvenate ourselves. It is the oath we can take for our well being to refresh, revive, and rejuvenate. Decor also deserves our attention for rejuvenation. It's not always the "out with the old in with the new" theory that is necessary.

home decor

The first step to a "havenly rejuvenation" is to take inventory. Look at what you already have of value - not monetary value but aesthetic and structural soundness. When you're looking at furniture, linens, baskets and containers, you need to decide if you actually like the item. Once you decide the item has the shape, texture or style you like you can start to visualize its potential. It's important to recognize the qualities you like about an item. For example: if you like the shape and texture of a wicker chair maybe it just needs a coat of paint and a new cushion. Remember a coat of paint WILL NOT change the shape of a chair. We are not trying to cover flaws that don't suit our style; we're recognizing the value and structural soundness that still fit our own personal style preference and placing focus on their enhancement.

The next step for our re-do is the clean up. The home interior and its decor has a likeness to our physical body. They are our workspace and it's important to cleanse. Give your selected item a wash up and a scrub off. It's that simple and provides us with a fresh palette to start with. At this stage in the rejuvenation it's a good idea to take the time to think about your selected item and what you want it to accomplish for you. If it's going to be fun and trendy; bolder, brighter colors and patterns might be the direction you choose. If you are trying to re-do a classic piece you'll want to be more careful researching colors and patterns and also take extra care in your workmanship. Trendy you'll typically keep a shorter amount of time but classic sticks around a lot longer (if you want it to).

Now you're ready to apply new color, new fabric or even chop off a basket handle. Take the NO FEAR approach. Fear is not our friend. It blocks our energy and can freeze us in our tracks. Know that whatever changes you are about to make have already gone through your inventory list for structural soundness and personal style preference. They have been cleansed and are ready for change. Re-designing is about the joy of taking what used to work for us and working on making it give us a smile again - so be free and go for it.

In our home, our haven, let's take inventory, recognize quality and what deserves attention and let go of what no longer works in our "workspace". Cleansing may take some effort, but with a spirit of NO FEAR, potential is endless and inspirational. Let's all declare a life full of "havenly rejuvenation".

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