The Red Door

Written by Deborah Norton.

Many of us are already aware of how important it is to focus on the inside and in turn see benefits on our outside. There is the occasional cloudy day though, when we may need a cup of coffee or new pair of shoes to jump-start us out of a mood. It's important to understand our home may need the occasional jump-start from the "outside-in too.

red door

As we have done for our inner selves a lot of us have found a way to express our inner home with spirited color or decor, but get confused on what to do with the outside. Some of us have even gotten caught in the cozy "neutral" tones and are ready to step out the front door and work from the outside-in.

While selecting a color for your front door can easily inspire the color scheme for the interior of your home, if done right it will also enchant you and all it's passers-by every day. When you connect the exterior surrounding elements of your house, including landscape, it creates a cohesive environment and overall feeling of ease.

Having the understanding that our whole environment is connected also helps us be mindful of the colors existing in neighboring buildings and homes, reflections in glass, or even the colors of the rooftops. Selecting a color for the portal to your home is a harmonic action not only for you but also for the whole environment. It will spread joy on the outside and also easily inspire the color scheme for your interior as well.

Just like landscape architecture we are going to use nature as a primary resource.

  1. The First Step to finding the right color for your front door is to visually scan the rocks, trees, and foliage surrounding the entry.
  2. The Second Step is to select the color that stands out and attracts your eye.
  3. The third step is to choose a hue that is slightly more vibrant and bold than the color you selected while still keeping it in the same family of color.

The idea is to take your original color of inspiration to a more energetic level. Remember our efforts are to make the front door more visible than its connecting partners while still blending in.

Your front door is the greeting you offer the world. Red doors have been used through the ages to invite good luck and happiness and also to signify holy ground. Color is a lovely way to bring nature and it's calmness to your front door and into your home. Allow your imagination to be free and create your own version of the red door.

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