Redesigning your Home

Written by Deborah Norton.

Once individuals link together they become something different. This is true in your home also. Individual pieces or color choices will never behave as a system unless they are properly linked together. Just as we live in a relational world so do our furnishings, accessories, and color choices. The harmony they have together does not exist as individuals, therefore, no matter how rich in detail they are until related to one another they will encourage separateness. When we live in a properly functioning environment it will change us, reveal us, and evoke more from us.


For some of us this is a challenging task. The first concept we need to understand is: life wants to discover itself. Our home is an extension of our life and therefore our home wants to discover itself. The first step to this discovery is quite simple. Pick a focal point. This could fall into a wide range of categories. For instance, a tiny statue, beautiful painting, architecture, TV, outdoor view or fireplace. Any specific item that makes you happy each time you see it can be your focal point.

The second step is: understand what you want to feel like when you are in this room. Close your eyes and think of the best times in your life. Remember where you were and your surroundings. Perhaps you were on the beach with the warm sun on you or maybe it was the blue water and sunset that was calming. It could be as simple as the luxurious feather bed you slept on or the camping trip in nature.

Once you understand how you want to feel in this space, the third step, choosing your wall colors, becomes much easier. For example, let's say your focal point is a winter wildlife scenic painting. When you closed your eyes your favorite memory was sitting on the beach in Tahiti. This could be a little confusing for you. The painting makes you happy because of the visual. The beach gave you a sense of warmth and relaxation. Our facts are: winter scenery and a sense of warmth. Now that we have these two specific facts we can use them to problem solve. Simply evaluate the painting and choose a warmer color within it. This color will be used to apply to our wall to create the feeling of warmth and relaxation.

Now that your walls are painted and the focal point is placed you will find that all the individual furnishings will need to be placed in harmony reacting to their new surroundings. Understand that all pieces participate. If it seems excessive try removing it from the room. It can always be put back, but chances are you won't miss it.

Remember, unless we are in a harmonious relational environment we cannot plan who we will be. It's not necessary to go purchase new items, we simply need to take a look at what we already have.

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