Nature Underfoot

Written by Deborah Norton.

Understanding that life's circumstance prevents us from always being outdoors. We can always make wise choices in our lives to bring nature inside. We all know that plants provide oxygen and therefore are a perfect resource for bringing well being into our home, but what's next? That's where we start to get confused and a little overwhelmed with too many options. In this month's article I'd like to focus on creating an indoor environment to re-energize you and keep you balanced on happy feet. Our feet are one of the most sensitive energy receptors on our body. Not only do they receive energy but also give you a solid, stable and balanced base.

womans feet

If you haven't already, take the time to touch a tree and you will quickly understand that to touch a tree is to touch life. By bringing this energy into your home you will expand balance. Good for the earth wood flooring is truly unique and innovative. In search of ways to effectively utilize all raw materials of other hardwood flooring, a new concept was conceived. It joins hundreds of pieces of fall off wood particles from previously unused wood of various species, then joins them together in a random color pattern to produce each plank. This process has contributed greatly to the goal of 100% utilization of raw materials. FineLine wood flooring, visually reminiscent of bamboo, creates a space that personalizes your home and showcases your unique style.

Cork has been recognized through centuries for its beauty, durability and stable properties. In Europe cork floors have been popular for over a hundred years. Cork offers a smooth hypoallergenic surface that is impact absorbing and neither outgases nor sheds micro fibers and therefore improves indoor air quality. Corks also dampen sound creating a more intimate space allowing you peaceful time in your own home. EcoCORK uses the method of harvesting the bark by hand from the oak tree. By removing the bark this way re-growth is stimulated which increases the tree's lifespan. The natural beauty of cork flooring is a perfect way to bring acoustical harmony into your home.

Carpet has always been a crowd pleaser because of the sensual feeling it exudes both visually and physically. If you want a continual foot massage in your home you'd be hard pressed not to get it with carpet. Sisal rugs truly bring the freshness of a meadow inside. Natural grasses offer plenty of textures to choose from and colors too. Grass, being one of the most abundant renewable resources, is a great option to delight your feet and bring positive energy into your home.

Wool carpet is also a delectable way to treat the feet. Having spent time in New Zealand and working with sheep personally, I am a big fan not only of the animal but the warmth and feel of their wool. Nothing keeps you as warm and cozy as natural wool. To have this kind of luxury under your feet is truly a gift. Bigelow brings the wool of New Zealand into our homes to share with us what the kiwis have known for a very long time.

Just as nature is diverse so is flooring. Bringing nature into your home and underfoot can be an environmentally friendly, energetic and balancing experience. Take the opportunity today to make your home a haven.

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