Deborah Norton

Deborah Norton from New York is a certified Design Consultant and Professional Fine Artist for over a decade. She has traveled all over the world pursuing her career as an artist.

Psychology of Colour

Colour has more than just an aesthetic quality, it has a major impact on our mood and well being. Applying certain colours in your child's room can encourage attitude and behavior you would like to see in them.

Havenly Rejuvenation

Our home is our haven, and we need to recognize, revive and rejuvenate the quality of our decor and surroundings. Deborah Norton explains about finding creative memorable moments to rejuvenate ourselves.

The Red Door

Deborah Norton shares with us how selecting red as a color for our front door can create luck, happiness and ease. Remember that our whole outer environment connects to our inner beings as well.

Redesigning your Home

Once individuals link together they become something different. This is true in your home also. Deborah Norton shares with us how your home is an extension of your life.

Nature Underfoot

Creating an indoor environment to energize, balance and keep your feet happy is the main focus of this wonderful article by Deborah Norton. Our feet provide us with a solid foundation to keep us balanced.