Feng shui: Clear the Clutter

Written by Laura Morris.

Looking for a New Year's resolution that will enhance your life? Clearing your space of unwanted clutter can free you both physically and emotionally. Clutter is a cyclical problem: when your energy is negative the clutter begins to accumulate and that physical clutter creates more stagnant energy. Clutter of the mind leads to clutter in your space and vice-versa. So let's break the cycle of clutter.

All types of clutter

Whether it accumulates on table tops, above fridges or on the floor - blocks the flow of ch'i. Ch'i energy animates all living things and circulates throughout the spaces we occupy; without ch'i, as without breath, there would be no life. Feng Shui (meaning 'Wind and Water') is the ancient Chinese art of placement and designing environments that enhance this flow of energy. A fundamental component of Feng Shui is space-clearing, mainly through the removal of clutter. Clear the clutter in your home and the ch'i can flow freely, enhancing the lives of its occupants.

If you are ready to clear the clutter ask yourself three questions when evaluating items in your home:

  1. Does it lift my energy when I look at it or when I think about how it came into my life? Use your instinct to answer this question.
  2. Do I love it? Does it inspire me?
  3. Is it truly useful? When did I last use it or am I going to use again in the future? Be honest with yourself.


If that isn't enough inspiration for you to begin your quest for a clutter-free home, perhaps understanding what your clutter says about you and how it can impact you life will give you the push you need.


The kitchen is symbolically connected to digestion and health and some believe that it is related to the liver (the detoxifying centre of the body). So a cluttered kitchen could lead to stagnant and unhealthy energy.

Tip: Keep the stove clean and in good working order.

Front Entrance

In Feng Shui the front door is called the 'mouth of ch'i.' All new energy flows into your home from this point. A cluttered front entrance-way blocks energy and starves the home of much-needed ch'i. Symbolically, a cluttered entrance can mean road blocks in your life and career.

Tip: Make your front entrance as clutter-free as possible and organize the shoes, mittens and coats to clear a path for the ch'i. Transitional clutter is fine, e.g., boots that are used daily.


A cluttered basement can symbolize being stuck in the past. It is believed that the bigger and older the junk in your basement, the bigger the issue that you have been avoiding. This type of clutter can lead to feelings of depression and lethargy.

Tip: Use the basement for storage but evaluate regularly. Remove unwanted gifts and inherited items that you don't want; they can weigh heavily on you and can cause negative ch'i.

Still don't know how to get started? There is a Chinese proverb that says: "If you want change in your life, move 27 things." Use the rule of nine. Nine is a powerful number in Feng Shui, so use it to measure out the amount of clearing you do on a regular basis.

  1. Clear clutter for 9 minutes per day or better yet 27 minutes per day for 27 days.
  2. Remove 9 things per day for 9 days.
  3. Donate 9 pieces of clothing to someone else that needs them or a worthy cause.

You get the idea. If you are still having trouble getting started, ask a friend to help. If you think you need a professional, be honest with yourself about that and get some outside help. By removing, donating, or moving items in your home, you can refresh your surroundings and give ch'i a kick start. This will help you will gain energy and clarity in 2013.

Laura Morris is a certified Feng Shui consultant www.morrisfengshui.com.

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