Take a Cold Shower!

Healthy Earth Yoga Lifestyle Tips written by Vera Del Vecchio.

When I first learned about Ishnaan Therapy or Hydrotherapy (Cold Shower) in the Kundalini Yoga Teachings, I had shivers at just the thought of taking a cold shower. Yikes! My thoughts were; why would anyone want to take a shocking cold shower instead a nice hot shower? That is nuts!

cold shower

Lately, spas have been adding 'hydrotherapy showers' and the Finns have been known to take hot saunas, then roll in the snow or dip in the cold waters.

With much resistance, I had to try it. It was hard at first, but then I noticed that it felt good after the cold shower. It felt invigorating and refreshing with kind of a feeling of giving me more energy. I can honestly say that after taking cold showers now for a few years, I would not take a shower any other way. Unless I am sick, I take cold showers all the time. In fact it is no trouble for me to take a dip in cold lake water at our cottage from April to November - Very Refreshing! (my family and friends think I'm nuts and will not join me.)

Give it a try! You will probably become very holy the moment the cold water hits your body, because it is likely you will shout, 'Oh my God!'

Why is a cold shower (Hydrotherapy) good for you?

It improves your body circulation and strengthens your entire nervous system. Your blood rushes to the skin surface in self-defence when the cold water hits the surface of your skin. Your skin has four layers. People pay huge sums of money for what is now called 'Hydrothermal therapy' when in reality all you need is cold water!

First, before you get wet, massage your body all over with a little oil. Oil is more easily absorbed by the skin when it is mixed with water - and you won't be greasy afterwards. Almond oil is highly recommended since the almond contains many minerals, and it nourishes the body through the pores of the skin.

Go in and out of the water four times, constantly massaging your body until the water no longer feels cold. Be sure not to miss the area under your arms, which is where the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems meet. You can even stand on one foot and massage the top of it with the other foot. Women, be sure to massage your breasts. When we do ice-cold water massage, not only do we open up the capillaries, but when they return to normal, that blood goes back to the organs.

Note: Not recommended if you are menstruating or are sick.

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