Positive Self Talk

Written by Omar Isuf - a fitness trainer in Toronto.

It's all about your mindset. And being positive is all you need. Your mindset determines how you regard your situation and actions. Don't let past failures dictate future success. Learn from past mistakes and come back stronger, more focused and successful than before! Its all about how we talk to ourselves. Wait what? Yes I'm dead serious, I'm talking about the internal dialogue we having going on in our head ALL the time. Here are some common negative beliefs that you can turn around with just a different, more positive view point.

Omar Isuf

Talking to Yourself

Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. Lao Tzu

Talk about positive self talk. Probably the most inspirational book of all time.

Here are some examples of how you might be talking to yourself and how you can change your internal dialogue into being positive.

After an Unsuccessful Weigh-In

Old Self-Talk: I suck. Why am I even trying? This is impossible to do. I give up. I'll be fat forever.

Sexy New Self-Talk: Hmm what I am doing wrong? Let me find out whats holding me back and eliminate it, it probably was the party over the weekend. I'm glad I do weekly weigh-ins because it holds me accountable and keeps me on track. Let me tweak my action plan and evaluate the results in a week. I am getting this body and my positive actions are making it happen Captain!

After Eating a Whole Cheesecake

Old Self-Talk: I'm hopeless. I can't even control myself. Whats to stop me from doing this again and again? I am not cut out for this. I should be on the Biggest Loser just for being a loser.

Sexy New Self-Talk: Wow this is an awesome reminder of what not to do. I feel bloated, tired and this certainly doesn't help my self-esteem. Sure I messed up, but what is also sure is that I'm going to get back on track. Because I want this goal and I will get it. No matter how many cheesecakes I might eat.

When you do not feel like Working Out

Old Self-Talk: It's hard, I sweat a lot and its not working. It wastes my time, I don't like it. And I think that re-run of Desperate Housewives is on.

Sexy New Self-Talk: This is a challenge. Its not easy but its worth doing. It's worth doing because the results will fundamentally make me happier. I will be leaner, stronger, healthier and have more energy. This is why I will do this with a smile on my face.

Omar Isuf is a trainer in Toronto that has an awesome Fitness and Health YouTube channel. His videos have real solutions to all your fitness needs. Visit - www.youtube.com/OmarIsuf and get motivated to be in your best shape ever!

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