Have Some Hatha Yoga

Written by Jill Paschal.

There are many different types of yoga, and each type is designed to change and help the body in a variety of ways. When it comes to a yoga routine that focuses on linking breathing techniques and mental concentration, Hatha yoga takes the cake.

hatha yoga

When you are doing a Hatha yoga routine, you are not just benefiting your spiritual and emotional health, you are also finding a spiritual harmony that can easily carry you through even the most stressful situations.

But there are many types of yoga out there that will help your physical and mental well being, what makes Hatha yoga so special?

Hatha is a form of yoga that joins two completely opposite things. The 'Ha' in Hatha yoga relates to the sun and the 'Tha' in Hatha refers to the moon. Even though these two things are complete opposites when you put them together you will find a mind and body purification that is completely unique from any other form of yoga. That's not to say that it is a good or bad thing, but different types of yoga will challenge your body in different ways, and just like with any workout routine you might find that one form of yoga works better for you than another form of yoga.

For many people, when they feel a great sense of stress in the muscles, a sense of increased anxiety, or they are just looking to find emotional peace and a sense of well being, they will turn to a Hatha yoga routine. In fact, some people even refer to Hatha yoga as a vehicle for their soul because it allows them to be able to connect with their inner spirit more deeply and it allows them to feel more connected with the universe as a whole.

So many of us go through life without having a real sense of who we are. We are constantly looking to 'find ourselves' and we are searching to connect with ourselves more deeply. The mind-body connection is a powerful thing and it is essential that you keep that connection strong if you want to live a fully enriched life.

How do you know when the mind and body are disconnected?

When you are not connected with yourself, you will feel like you are just going through the motions of the day. It will be hard for you to find any real enjoyment out of the things that you once enjoyed and you will feel like you don't get any real pleasure out of anything. Your job will feel like a chore, your relationships might seem unsatisfying, and you may even find it hard to take care of yourself. Not surprisingly when your mind and body are disconnected you are more prone to stress, anxiety, and depression.

Hatha yoga works to connect the mind and the body together more deeply. Not only is the yoga practice itself good for your body and your spirit but when you regularly do Hatha yoga you will find that every part of your life is affected in a positive way. You might find that you start to love a job you once hated, you may start to want to workout more, or you might even find that you want to try new things that you never thought you would want to try.

The key is hearing that inner voice inside and listening to what it is telling you. And the key to being able to listen to that inner voice is having a strong mind-body connection, the kind of connection that only Hatha yoga can truly give you.

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