Yoga for Addictions - Freedom Guaranteed

Any habit which goes out of your control transforms into an addiction. Addictions of any sort can be hard on any loved ones around in equal measure. Such afflictions can hurt and break relationships, which can isolate not just the addicted person. The hurt increases over time because of the rejection the addicted person feels as they turn more and more to the artificial companion. The most positive way out is to practice yoga, as it can help turn your life around.

yoga for addictions

It is absolutely correct - addiction of any type can be dispelled with the help of yoga asanas. The necessary tools are determination, an open mind and sincerity on the part of the addicted person's kith and kin initially. Gradually as the suffering person gets attuned to the regular session the yoga starts working on him. The introspection and positive silence with oneself can have a positive influence on the person. So you could help your loved one start right now by following the instructions below and feel free as a bird.

Yoga to the Rescue

Yoga can help to bring him out of the false cocoon. These postures heal those parts of the body which get afflicted with addiction problem. The gentle and gradual process opens up the mind; the mind has a positive effect and helps the person to cope with the problem on his own. At the end pranayama reaches pure oxygenated blood to every nook and corner of his body.

How does Yoga Help to Break Addictions?

Once the addicted person is brought to attend a yoga session, a milestone is achieved. The regular attendance and the routine sessions slowly inculcate a disciplined attitude in the person. He may even start looking forward to these sessions - where he does not need to exchange notes with any one only look within in a quiet atmosphere.

Besides the external environmental influence the asana themselves work on the person's body and mind very gently. Controlling breathing, focusing on his performance of the poses and listening to oneself while doing the asana does wonders. Yoga helps the student to be one with his own self and pay attention to his body's state. The very performing of the pose and trying to achieve the correct posture aligns and attunes his mind, body and spirit. His mental strength develops and increases with every practice.

The Yoga Poses and their Effects

Each asana or pose has a positive effect on some particular areas of the body. Practice on a regular basis helps to heal those areas and energize them - the internal organs as well as external muscles and tendons. Addiction leaves its marks on certain parts of the body and mind; yoga helps to erase those negative stains for good. If the addiction has been for too long, the positive effects will take time to be seen, but will definitely be evident.

Some of the recommended yoga poses for addiction relief are:

Seated Forward Bend - Paschhimottanasana

This pose works mainly on the spine, liver, kidneys, shoulders and the hamstrings. The control of the breath, the lowering of the body, the stretching of the back to achieve the posture - all this helps the person to focus. This asana helps to alleviate depressions, headaches, reduce high blood pressure and bring relief in menstrual pain.

Child's Pose - Balasana

Child's Pose is a great way of reaching out to your inner self in this child-in-the-womb pose. It is a relaxing, introspective asana bringing about a gentle balance between the body, mind and soul.

Downward Dog - Adho Mukha Svanasana

Downward Dog re-energizes the body and mind. It also removes all bodily tensions, and is a wonderful full body - head to toe stretch.

Camel Pose - Ustrasana

Camel Pose expands the chest cavity, increases the inhaling process and helps to straighten drooping shoulders. The coccyx and dorsal parts of the spine is toned while the whole spine is stretched back.

Wind Releasing Pose - Pavana Mukta Asana

This asana works on the lower abdomen, the region where the vital air moves to eliminate urine and improve digestion.

Shoulder Stand - Viparit Karani

Shoulder Stand is the reversed way of standing on the shoulders alters the person's way of looking at the world. The asana works on all the internal organs which receive a gush of oxygenated blood flow when back in the normal position.

Corpse Pose - Savasana

Corpse Pose is a restful and peaceful pose to calm the body, mind and soul. Yoga primarily helps you to be introspective and the control of breath helps you stay focused. Yoga helps you to know yourself from within.

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