First Hot Yoga Class in Toronto

Hot yoga is becoming increasingly popular in Toronto these days. Health buffs will soon come to admit that working out at the gym gets monotonous and mundane at some point. Everyone is always looking for a challenge and a new way to feel great. So what better way than hot yoga. So if it's your first time practicing hot yoga in Toronto, you need to learn the basics.

Many wellness companies are highly aware of what people are looking for nowadays. A system which offers holistic solutions to common problems experienced by majority of Toronto residents, hot yoga delivers physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that traditional fitness centers and work out disciplines simply fail to deliver.

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Are you overly stressed? Overworked? Or overweight perhaps? Are you having a hard time focusing on your priorities? Or are you currently suffering from body pain for years now? If you answer yes to all of these questions, or even just to one of them, you will find that attending yoga classes in Toronto will bring about many advantages so you can live a far healthier and happier life.

What is Hot Yoga?

Essentially, hot yoga is a yoga style commonly performed inside a heated room. Yoga practitioners perform approximately 26 poses or asanas for 90 minutes in hot and humid conditions. The temperature of the room can range from 95 F to 105 F with a relative humidity of about 40%. A popular form of hot yoga is Bikram Yoga and is a vigorous and intense workout intended to condition the muscles for a deeper and more effective workout system. In addition, the heat is also known to facilitate the circulation of fresh oxygenated blood throughout the entire body, thus restoring vital functions of all body systems.

Other benefits that you can derive from attending hot yoga in Toronto are the following:

What to Bring to a Yoga Class in Toronto?

The proper execution of asanas, stretching, and breathing exercises result in optimum health benefits. It is then very important for yoga practitioners to prepare accordingly for a fun, exciting, and rejuvenating hot yoga session. Here are some pointers that you need to take note of when preparing for your first ever yoga class in Toronto.


Avoid wearing clothing articles made from cotton. The absorbency of cotton will impede you in properly performing the poses and other techniques of hot yoga. Opt for Spandex or lightweight fabrics with sweat-wicking features too. These fabrics are also cooler on the skin, thus resulting in a more comfortable yoga experience.


Remove jewelries or accessories prior to entering the hot yoga room. Yoga practitioners perform outstandingly without jewelries dangling from their ears, necks, and arms. Jewelries and too much accessories may also get damaged inside the heated room, thus it is wise to remove them or simply not wear them if you are heading to yoga in Toronto.


Hot yoga students with long hair, should consider pulling them back into a bun or ponytail. It's also ideal to wear a bandana or headband so hair does not fall on your face as this may slow you down or impede you from striking the poses properly.


If possible, do not wear makeup when attending a hot yoga class in Toronto. The heat will only melt cosmetics, and will undoubtedly get smeared onto your face. Remember that you are attending a yoga class, and your focus should only be at the exercises, breathing, and poses. Becoming conscious of your makeup, or your hair, or your jewelries will not produce any healthful benefits at all.

Now is the perfect time for you to experience holistic health. Enroll in a Hot Yoga class in Toronto, and experience an exciting, invigorating, and fun way to keep healthy, fit, and fab!

Where to Buy Yoga Supplies and Accessories

If you are a beginner, you may be wondering where are the best places in Toronto to gather supplies so you can get right into it. Here are recommendations of studios that offer quality and affordable yoga supplies not only for beginners but also long-time practitioners as well.

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