Baby Yoga in Toronto

Baby yoga is an ideal bonding activity for parents and newborn children. Practicing yoga together not only fosters wellness, but also creates an opportunity for mothers to be all the more closer to their babies. Toronto is a growing yoga community, which is now offering baby yoga for mothers and newborns. It seems to the trend these days, as many positive benefits are seen.

baby yoga toronto

You may have heard or even watched the viral Youtube video of baby yoga in Russia. The extreme movements and exercises may be the first thing that you imagine when we say "Baby Yoga." However, baby yoga classes are substantially less intense and are pretty safe for newborns. Baby yoga undeniably has a variety of benefits for parents and babies. If you are a mom who has experienced the benefits of pre-natal yoga, you may well wish to continue practicing this healthful discipline with your kid at a reputable yoga studio in Toronto.

We will enumerate all the reasons as to how baby yoga is considered a responsible parenting strategy and why moms as well as dads should sign up to try out this highly-beneficial and productive activity with their babies.

Benefits for the Baby

Ideal Sleeping Patterns

Lack of sleep is a common problem among parents of newborns. Babies are easily woken up during the wee hours of the morning, necessitating parents to feed them or sing them a lullaby to sleep yet again. Not only do parents suffer from this problem, but the growth and development of babies slows down due to lack of sleep.

The movements taught in mom and baby yoga classes perfectly mimic the relaxing and soothing motion that newborns used to experience in utero. Babies respond well to beginner yoga movements as they gently induce calmness, thus resulting in longer and better quality of sleep among babies.

Better Progress in Physical Growth and Development

Movements, poses, and relaxation techniques that babies can perform during baby yoga classes help in enhancing their motor skills and development. Babies and toddlers that attend yoga classes with their mothers are faster in achieving developmental milestones when compared alongside those who do not attend baby yoga lessons.

The movements and positioning performed by babies and are accordingly positioned by mommies help in strengthening core body muscles and improve their flexibility.

Better Digestive Patterns

Tension-buildup in and around the abdominal region are relieved through yoga classes. Movements as well as massages stimulate the digestive system into working properly, minimizing chances if developing colic, diarrhea, and constipation in newborns.

Benefits for the Parents

Baby Yoga Studios In Toronto

Most Yoga studios in Toronto offer baby yoga classes as an extension of their pre-natal Yoga program. The warmest and coziest yoga studios in Toronto are best suited for calming and soothing both the young and the old. In addition, these studios are staffed with instructors who are more than knowledgeable in teaching fun and safe yoga movements that parents can do with their newborn children.

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