Hot Yoga in Toronto

The hot yoga scene in Toronto is reaching top popularity. Being stuck in a heated room with temperatures reaching 95-100 degrees, provides you with a lot of perspiration while performing the yoga postures. With so many benefits, the word has been getting out, and the demand for hot yoga classes in Toronto is definitely rising. I've noticed how busy and overly crowded studios have gotten over the years. Individuals like myself are addicted to the awesome feeling and glowing skin that hot yoga provides, just after one class.

hot yoga toronto

Toronto is such an urban city, and hot yoga is becoming the talk of the town. I know couples who went on yoga dates or who've actually met a potential partner. Many health minded individuals are attracted to meeting other yogis. Downtown Toronto seems to have a yoga studio around every major intersection on Yonge St. Everyone is curious about what this hype is all about and should be aware of what goes on in a hot yoga class. The after affects of a hot yoga class speak for itself. It's important to clue in those who have never tried it, and get them on board to the wonderful benefits that they can experience while practicing hot yoga.

Your body and mind will be affected greatly by the positive changes after practicing yoga in a hot room. So much so, that family and friends will notice and wonder what your secret is. Your skin will became smoother, your posture improved, and you will look extremely healthy. The detoxification through opening up the pores gets rid of all the toxins in your body, bringing you a sense of freshness. Your immune system will also be much stronger than before. It's no wonder hot yoga is known as a "celebrity workout".

Toronto has many hot yoga studios to choose from. I highly recommend Moksha Yoga, as it's suitable for everyone, even beginners. Moksha Yoga has many studios all over the city, and they keep opening up new ones to keep up with the demand. Moksha Yoga follows a series of yoga postures. It begins in Savasana or corpse pose. You start the challenging practice in relaxation. Often the teacher will ask the students to set an intention, which can be to focus more on your breathing or on a personal goal. Setting goals in life tends to bring accomplishments.

The focus of the standing series in the Moksha Yoga class is to build strength, endurance and balance. You hold a set of challenging postures for about 10 seconds to a minute. This is where the sweating begins, as your skin gets rid of all the toxins. After you've warmed up your body in the standing series, you begin the floor series, which focuses on opening up your spine, abdominals and hips. You will notice how great these postures are for improving back posture and relieving tension in your body.

The class ends the same way it began, in Savasana. This is where you absorb the benefits of all the other yoga postures and let your body relax and come back to it's normal state. At this point of the class you will feel absolutely amazing. Your whole body, mind and spirit will be rejuvenated from the inside out, your stress levels will be greatly reduced and you'll be addicted to the whole hot yoga scene!

Top 10 Yoga Studios in Toronto Video
See the top 10 yoga studios in Toronto that are worth checking out. Each studio offers a different experience. Some are hot, and some are not, but there is something for every yoga enthusiast.

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