Yoga Apparel in Toronto

Toronto is definitely the city where yoga apparel is on the rise. It is becoming a big multi-million dollar business, with all the marketing and advertising across the city.

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Toronto streets are filled with women wearing Lululemon yoga pants and outfits. It's not just for yoga anymore, as more people are also leaning towards comfortable fabrics that flatter your body and accentuate your curves.

When I first started my yoga practice many years ago, I went straight to Winner's (an outlet department store) hoping to buy some yoga clothes, as I know that they carry some good quality name brands, at a lower cost.

Especially, before I took my Yoga Teacher's Training Course, I thought I would need a variety of yoga wear, since I was also practicing hot yoga 3-4 times a week. I needed fabrics that were comfortable to sweat in.

Winner's carried the basics in yoga wear. Mainly black or dark brown pants, and a small selection of tops. After awhile I was introduced to Lululemon.

As I entered the store, I saw the most brightly rainbow colored selection of yoga apparel available. At first I was skeptical at the prices of each item. Just the thought of spending $80-$100 per item seemed like too much. Although back in the days, I used to splurge on business/work clothes and shoes in a heart beat.

Now my life has shifted, and taken a turn for the better. I practically given up the high heels, make up and business/fashion clothes to be all natural, and to live in pure comfort. Mostly comfort over fashion is how I live now, and I love it!

That's where Lululemon comes in. As a child, my favorite colors where purple and pink. (how feminine!) So my first purchase at Lululemon was a purple yoga outfit. (You can see it on the top banner of my site). These colors where definitely hard to find in other stores. Then I went and bought a turquoise colored yoga outfit as well.

Now my feeling about Lululemon is that they offer stylish yoga outfits that are worth the price, considering you make good use out of them, like me. Everyday when I practice, I'm in comfortable yoga clothes. My lifestyle is so active, that I require just what Lululemon has to offer.

I recently purchased this Lululemon 'Beat The Heat Dress' that's reversible, so you have a choice of 2 colors. It is so versatile, that it can be worn as a dress, skirt or shirt. The fabric is also the most comfortable on the planet. I would highly recommend this, as it looks beautiful as a spring or summer dress, with many other uses. I'm considering buying another one in a different color for more variation.

These days, yoga wear can be versatile, colorful, and sexy at the same time. With so much selection, someimes I find it so hard to choose!

Actors have an unusual perspective on clothing. You've really got to know the impact of what you're wearing on the character you're playing.

Kyle MacLachlan

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