What's Your Happy Thought?

Written by Victoria Randles.

It's easy to get wrapped up in the ego's illusions of how we should perceive ourselves, others and the world. We live in a society based on fear, doubt and lack. You can leave your house feeling beautiful, then bump into a woman who is far more beautiful (in your terms), or you open a magazine to read on your commute, and suddenly you wonder how you've made it this far without a boob job or a face lift. Your ego psyches you out through the process of comparing. This is only an example of which there are thousands. Our ego is constantly creating boundaries and fears before we've even given something a chance.

enjoy life

So, what's a girl to do to defend against the ever flowing nonsense our ego floods our mind with? Well for one, recognize just that; the ego is nonsensical! It says exactly what it needs to in order to manipulate you just as it wants to. Society is thriving off our lack of self love and the unwillingness to listen to our higher selves. 'Jersey Shore' is a prime example of this. Our focus is being targeted on the wrong things and leaving us with no time to invest in what really matters (our happiness and well-being!).

Okay, so how exactly do we combat the ego? It's very simple really. Find your happy thought! When I say 'happy thought' I'm really referring to a personal mantra that makes you feel empowered. This mantra can be anything that changes your state, dispels negative energy and that pulls you out of a funk. Basically, it should bring a smile to your face.

For some it may be, "I am beautiful just as I am", or "I release (the negative situation at hand) and I embrace peace," or "I accept myself as I am today." Whether you truly believe the statement in this moment or not doesn't matter because you control your mind, it doesn't control you. I'm just going to repeat that, YOU CONTROL YOUR MIND, IT DOESN'T CONTROL YOU.

My favorite mantra, the one that can get me out of any sticky situation and can help me totally shift my perspective at any given moment is "I choose love over fear." I learned this little savior from my mentor and author of "Add More ~Ing to Your Life" and "Spirit Junkie"; I highly recommend these books for anyone looking to find their true source of power. Choosing love over fear is so simple and yet it works volumes. In this world one of the only things we can be sure is real is love, so naturally announcing to yourself and the universe that you choose it is a great way to banish negativity. You can't fight with love because it will not fight back. isn't that the situation or issue has vanished, rather you have changed your mindset and are now perceiving things differently. Everything is a matter of perspective, so why not have a happy one?

Now, to bring a little yoga into the picture. I'm sure you've heard it suggested that you direct your practice towards a particular person, sending them positive energy (which is great). However; next time come in to class with a consistent limiting belief that tends to haunt you day by day. Next, reverse it and create a positive mantra. For example, if your limiting belief is that you are too fat to find a lover, change it to "I am beautiful and accept love into my life." From there use the energy and focus of your practice to confirm this new way of thinking.

Use the strength of your poses to out do your negative thought patterns. Be a sponge and absorb the peace and tranquility being offered to you by a room of fellow yogis. Repeat the mantra several times through out the class as well as through out your day, particularly when that nasty negative thought pops up. Oh and if there are fellow yogis around...you may want to say it in your head ;).

The ego may feel strong, but your higher self is much stronger. Explore the power of happiness and watch yourself flourish.

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