Yoga's Influence on the Chakra System

Written by Carmela Cattuti MA, LPN, Kripalu Certified Yoga Instructor.

As Yogis we all know about the seven chakras (energy centers) of the body. These centers become balanced and strengthened when we do a yoga practice. We have all taken chakra yoga workshops and experienced the visualizations and chants that support each chakra, but it is time to refine our chakra yoga practice. There are seven primary chakras but there are many more.

chakra energy

Each time we strengthen one of the seven chakras we open other energy centers that have remained dormant for many centuries. Once we balance the first seven we begin to open our intuitive and spiritual abilities in a greater way. Every chakra center houses physical and spiritual qualities. The first three chakras are connected to earth plane issues such as health and person power; the energy centers from the heart and above are connected to spiritual development.

We are individual yogis with unique past life histories. Unless we release old thoughts, emotions, and patterns from past lives the ability to change in the present is limited. Chakra yoga is a tool to access these road blocks and dispel them. A robust and balanced chakra system is essential for the soul to progress physically, spiritually, and psychologically.

As we clear our chakras of debris from the past, we need to step up and be the creators of our reality, otherwise, we are left with a vacuum that sucks up energies outside of ourselves. To fill this void saying affirmations while we are in the pose or in relaxation, specifically targeting our own lives, begins to fill each chakra with new energy. It is time we intentionally create how we want our lives to develop.

For example, the root chakra (the area around the tail bone) houses our feelings and history about safety on this planet and our ability to manifest materially; it is about survival. When we are in a posture that supports the root chakra we can say affirmations that will fill that energy center with new thoughts and feelings. If we are anxious about a move from one house to another we can affirm audibly or silently, I am now safely moved into my new home easily and effortlessly. Directing our energy toward our present situation is the next step in a successful chakra yoga practice. We can also affirm general qualities that we would like more of in our life such as I am safe on the planet, or I am at peace, but including the particular in an affirmation shapes our lives in a more direct way.

Through the intention of creating our own reality our chakra yoga practice truly becomes prayerful. Once we integrate this concept nothing outside of us can pull us from our center. We come to realize that we are not victims of the earth plane experience and we can improve our lives exponentially through a consistent chakra yoga practice. Once we accept that we create our own reality our earth plane life will change dramatically, but without drama. All of a sudden we realize that we are living a completely different life; one that we ourselves designed.

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