Carmela Cattuti

Carmela Cattuti's yoga teaching career began at age forty two. Opportunities for teaching came to her and a new career path presented itself. Her nursing background gave her a deep understanding of health and assisted in her study of Iyengar alignment and safety. After fourteen years of study she found that all her abilities merged and she could offer students a safe and vitality producing experience. She integrated her talent as an artist into her approach to postures and spiritual concepts. This approach added another layer to her presentation and execution of poses. Carmela is able to direct students through restrictions in body, mind, and spirit. She assists students to feel their way through the postures to embrace what is on the other side of the process.

Carmela's artist sensibility permeates her approach to the body as a work of art in progress. Her focus in art-making and yoga is to create balance and vitality in form. The disciplines of painting and yoga came into her life simultaneously. If one color or shape doesn't work, says Carmela, or if you don't have the skill to execute your vision, then change the shape to accommodate your organic process. In this way, you can be your own authority during your yoga practice.

How to Stay Young through Yoga

Many of us carry trauma within our bodies from this and other lifetimes. We now have the opportunity to permanently release them and slow down the aging process dramatically with the practice of yoga.

Reverse the Aging Process through Yoga

Carmela Cattuti shares with us her experience how practicing yoga separates and relaxes every cell in her body, giving her skin a beautiful glow, while her physical appearance begins to look younger. A great read!

Shape Shifting of the 21st Century Through yoga

Carmela Cattuti shares with us that a simple yoga posture can assess the qualities of a certain animal. So if you want a strength or qualiy from an animal, you should practice such pose.

Building a Prenatal Yoga Class

There are basic building blocks to teaching an ongoing prenatal yoga class that help build confidence and clarity in the teacher and student. Here are 5 tips to help build a prenatal class.

Yoga Poses to Open the Back

Age shows up in the back first. Twisting and bending our spine in all directions is essential to maintaining our youth and vitality. Here are some yoga poses to open the back.

Access Creativity through Yoga

Many of us struggle with creativity. When we practice yoga, we breathe life into our cells and in that process our creativity bubbles up like a fountain that can never be turned off.

5 Tips to Teach Prenatal Students

Here are 5 yoga postures to encourage pregnant students to avoid. Keeping the baby safe while practicing yoga is important, and most yoga instructors need to be aware of this and accommodate accordingly.

The Beginning Students Guide to Yoga

Beginning a yoga practice can seem confusing, but there is an ideal yoga class for everyone. Depending if you want to reduce stress, increase muscle mass or be more balanced, specialized yoga classes can cater to your specific needs.

7 Yoga Poses for Balance and Harmony

Balance and harmony are internal states that manifest externally. Here are 7 yoga postures to maintain balance and harmony, which will manifest improved health, increased confidence, and a feeling of peace within.

Transitions: The Space between the Poses

The space between yoga postures is a passage way full of information about our practice and life. It is said that the pause at the end of an exhale holds wisdom and knowledge.

Yoga's Influence on the Chakra System

There are seven chakras, known as energy centers along the body. Practicing yoga can balance and strengthen our chakra system, which is essential for the soul to progress physically and spiritually.

Restorative Yoga as Complementary Treatment

Restorative yoga balances all the systems in the body. Once stress is released from the nervous system then all the other systems begin to function at top capacity.