A Time of Great Helplessness

If you are on your path, there is no need to make plans.

Things’ll just fall into place.

You have — hmm — in this so-called time you live in, people who believe in things that we don’t believe in.

Like time — doesn’t exist. Sorry to tell you, not in a way that you think of it. We know it is necessary for you at this stage, all of you, to be able to meet up. Even if, as I could tell you right now, you don’t need to have an appointment or time to meet up with the right people. It will happen anyway if it is supposed to.

People right here and now spend too much of that so-called time arranging things, making plans. You don’t have to. You feel strongly like doing something? Do it. It doesn’t need, what you call, planning.

virtual reality

You’re leaning towards something because it makes you feel good?

Do it.

Everything else has to be, as you might say, de-cluttered — needs to get out of the way. Who needs, what you call, plans?

You do something that you might have had on a plan before. Doesn’t make you feel good. So, you were probably not supposed to do this in the first place. Some people say, follow your heart — which is a basic version of what I’m trying to tell you.


You’ve got a path laid out. The more you veer off that so-called path (that you’re supposed to be on), the more ‘plans’ would be needed to re-organise things.

If it feels good, if you feel like you get energy out of it (which means you learn something) — do it.

All you come here to do is gain more knowledge to grow your energy. If you grow your energy, other people around you will be able to grow their energy, as well. The thing most people don’t understand about it is: if you’re in for (what we call) learning experience you might learn something very quickly, in what you would consider a bad experience. But if you learn out of it, you still grow your energy.

So don’t talk about ‘plans’. We don’t like plans.

It’s the same thing with what you call facts — we don’t like them either.

Because that means you follow something that someone thought at a certain point when it might have been true and accurate. But all these centuries down that road, that fact that was put there by someone and is considered the truth now, doesn’t apply anymore. Because everything is evolving and moving — constantly evolving and moving.

So forget about facts, as well.

I like the idea of growing energy.

Yes, that’s what you came to do. That’s what everyone comes to do. A lot of souls are too distracted in these so-called times, with these poor little technologies. They’re not on their path, because they’re too distracted. They can’t see. Literally can’t see, from here to there [extends Marie’s hand from telephone reading range to arm’s length].

They think they are connected to the whole planet, the whole world, everybody who lives on that planet. But they’re not even connected to the person right next to them or to the patch of earth they’re standing on. So how can you be connected to the whole planet?

You might get information about different experiences that others have somewhere else. But that’s not the same as being connected.

There’s a difference. One day they will understand.

Things are shifting on this planet. Not far ahead, from now, this technology (as people here like to call it) will not be working anymore. They will have to start again because there will be a time of great helplessness. Some of the older people, who can feel that some things are wrong, will be quite pleased about it —

[Humourously] I was just about to say, I’m quite looking forward to it.


— because then they get to show them how it’s done. You don’t swipe around metal or plastic things to get information. You actually get information through your own experience.

If someone else has an experience on the other side of the planet, and they read about it or hear about it, they still don’t know how this experience feels to them. They have to use all their senses to get an experience, which they can’t do.

The only thing that grows is their inability to realise what is happening in their surroundings, even right next to them. The other thing that grows is impatience.

Because they see something and say, “Oh yes, I know know how that is.” They don’t. Because they haven’t felt it personally. They haven’t even been close to imagining it.

They have their own imagination. They add imagination and knowledge that they think they have. They turn it into something different every time it’s re-told. They go off saying, “Oh yeah, I know about this. Let’s have a look at something else.” It goes too quickly.

It’s too quick for them to understand, to get involved.


So they grow no energy.


They get stuck.

They don’t learn. They don’t learn. They copy. Their brain tries to copy things that other people have learned through experience. This is not how you grow your own energy. You learn.

[Scratching noises heard above]

Can you tell me what kind of animal it is in our ceiling?


Smaller than you think, my dear. Wings. It’s got wings.

Oh really?

Bird coming in.


Skinny. Skinny little wings.


[surprised] It’s a bat!


Ooh, okay.

It doesn’t quite know the difference between light and dark. It’s confused. It’s not very happy with the surrounding temperatures up there, either.

It’s trying to go somewhere else.


It’s confused, because when it would be able to move — because it’s darker — then, it’s more pleasant (in the roof). So, it kinda thinks, “I’m going to move another time.”


And then, it gets unpleasant again. It can’t move. So it’s caught up in that loop.

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