High Energy Love

I’ve been told by people that I’m—I don’t like to use the word ‘nuts’—but, they say that, for being content to live alone and to not have a partner, and I want your opinion on that.

On—nuts, in general?

No, I’m wondering—

We do understand.

Do you see any other path for me? ‘Cause, I’m content. And it’s a good place to be.

high energy- ove

’Tis a very good place to be.

You are, still, giving away too much. You need to take care of yourself more.

Make sure you can raise your energy. And then, you will be able to attract the right energy—the one that doubles yours. You understand?

Even if I’m not looking?

The more you look, when you’re at a stage when you lack something, even if it’s a little bit: the more you radiate the wrong signs.

You will attract the person that’s looking for exactly what you radiate—at that moment.

Well, I’ve had very bad luck in the past.

So, you take care of yourself; you spoil yourself.

You’re not nuts.

Because what you radiate is what you attract. If you have your full energy—the energy that you’re capable of—and you understand that you have it, you’ll attract someone else that has reached their full potential of energy.

Not the energy you think about, like in a physics equation. Or someone who’s been to university for twenty-five years—this doesn’t matter. The energy level is what matters.

People say: ‘Oh, that one makes me complete.’

That means you had something missing. So, if that one goes away and takes even more from you, you are, then, less complete than you have been before you met that person. Because that person stole it from you and went off.

If you are expressing your full potential for that given moment, you will attract the person that has created their own full potential of energy.

You’re kinda double the package.

You both have your full energetic potential. So, if you go on a path together for awhile, or for the rest of this lifetime, you know—you can go apart, come together, go apart—but you will still be your own person with your full energetic potential.

It drives us ‘nuts’ when humans say, ‘Oh, this is my other half.’ Or, ‘This one completes me.’ There is something deeply wrong with these ideas. It will never work.

You create dependence. And you already create the loss that’s gonna happen at the moment when it does not work anymore.

You multiply it. You generate a loss that’s getting bigger and bigger.

So, take care of yourself. Get your full potential. Forgive yourself.

You don’t think about the past.

It has happened. Things have happened. But that’s the past.

You look forward. You live now.

You should not look too far into what’s ahead of you. You live right now.

You can’t change the past. It has happened already.

You live right now, you create what you wanna create and you can look a little bit ahead. Not too far, because that could take you off your path already.

A lot of people plan: ‘And I’m going to do this—‘

In your terms, on this planet, talking: ‘And in ten years, I will be there.’

‘And in twenty years, I’ll be there.’ You know?

And then, tomorrow doesn’t even happen.

They forgot to live in the moment, to live today.

Every day you think about the past, or what is going to happen in the future, you lose that actual day you’re living right now.

It is not exactly rocket science. It’s just a different way of thinking.

You don’t look for half a person.

And you don’t look back at what happened. Most of that wasn’t about you anyway—it was others that came to learn something different to what you wanted to learn.

All of you have reasons to come to this planet: what you want to learn, how to raise the energy of yourself and your surroundings.

If you see it that way, everybody is doing their own business (as you might call it here).

Don’t look for half a person. Don’t look for a segment that’s missing within your energy.

You can create it yourself, by raising your energy.

You gain more knowledge of your self and surroundings—which is not to be mistaken for reading more books.

You understand?

I’m grateful because books put me to sleep.

If you plan too far ahead, look too far ahead, think about the past, you might miss some opportunities that are happening today that could have been picked up very easily.

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