Make sure they can Feel your Presence

Your energy is somehow a little bit disturbed, my friend.


But on the other hand, it seems to be stronger than it used to be.


You should work on it.


Any suggestions?

[Sharp intake of breath]

Anything obvious that I’m missing?

You should have more rest, my friend. Hmmm. You try to do a lot of things at once. You should prioritise. You have things that are not urgent, pressing issues. You could delay some of them. If you try to do it all at once, you can’t have the same success in things that you'd have if you concentrated on fewer things.


I’m on the brink of making a commitment to stay at my job for several more years.

Oh. If you say you are on the brink, the way you say feels a little bit like you’re standing in front of an abyss that’s going to suck you in.

[Laughs] Mmm. I hope not. I need to work on my —

You have a negative attitude about it. If you want to do it, focus on it. Have a positive attitude, my dear.

I can do that.

Otherwise, you’ll get in the way of yourself. Which sounds a bit silly, but that’s the way people put it at your time.

Yes, and I understand exactly what you mean.

Good. [Sigh] You should try to grow yourself a bigger, thicker skin. You should make yourself bigger, as if you were physically bigger. Imagine you are much bigger, taller. You are an impressive person. Don’t hold back too much. You are much more powerful than you think, my friend.


Don’t hide it too much. You don’t have to go out and do this — Bwah!! [Explosively gestures with the hands like a storybook monster] Here I am! It’s all about me.


This is not what you should do. But it’s presence. Make yourself a bigger, taller presence. Stand up for yourself, my friend. It does not take much. Don’t go to the extremes, as our friend might do.


Be yourself. And show others that you are yourself. Do you understand?

I understand.

If you imagine growing yourself a thicker skin, that would, of course, make you bigger, adding some layers.

Energetically speaking?

Yes. We don’t talk physical here.

I’ve been a big, strong man in other lifetimes.

Yes. So you know how to do it.


I mean, we are talking on an energetic level. We are not talking about, as you would say here, putting high heels on.

high heels


Surely, you would look very beautiful.


But this is not what we are talking about. We want you to enter a room and fill it with your presence. You’ve got lots of good energy around you. If you fill a room completely with your presence, the room will be full of good energy — strong, good energy.

And there will be no space for weak and bad energies. Just try to imagine: ‘I am very strong. I have very good energy. I’ll go into this room and I’m going to fill this room with my presence, because this is going to fill it with good energy.’


There is one little downside to it — there will be more people trying to get some of this good energy. But if it’s going to balance their bad energy, you should not think of yourself as being drained.

You expand their energy and therefore, you’re expanding your own.

You can put it vice versa: You expand your own energy and therefore they can feed on your good energy, which will deplete their bad energy. It’s kind of a — we would call it — a simple thing. But it could present itself as a little more complicated in real life.

Yes, I understand.

If someone does negative things, just by your presence, if you make it big enough, you can turn it into something better. We would like you to use this, every single day, when you go to the place that you work.


It’s a way of letting others know that they can’t get anywhere with bad energy if there is a very, very strong presence of good energy. You have to kind of inhale it. You have to feed yourself on the good energy. And then you can spread it.

It sounds like a concept that’s too simple. But sometimes it’s the simple things that can change things and attitudes around.

And you should let others feel how strong you are. Don’t hold back.

It’s like, well, ‘This is what I do. This is what I would do. This will make everybody feel better. You want to do it your way, with bad energy, trying to deplete everybody else’s energy?’ Instead of getting more good energy they try to flood a place with bad energies.


I feel like I’m talking against — I don’t know. It feels like you say ‘Mhmm’ but you feel kind of daunted by it. You should not be, my dear. You understand?

[Softly] Okay.

It is about you. You can change things. But you should have a very strong presence, so everybody knows you are there. There is good energy around you and they can’t do what they would like to do, like putting the bad energies out there, if you are around.

Because, yours is too strong. They might find — if you see it as a surface that goes around you, this strong energy surrounding you — they might find little cracks here and there, where they try to intrude. But the layers are too strong. Your layers are too strong. Be aware of it.

Don’t hold back.

Make sure everybody knows that you are there.

This is how far you come [holding the hand out at arms length]. ‘This is my shield of good energy. You play by my rules.’ Sometimes you literally have to say that.

But if it’s strong enough, they can feel it.

Our friend has some ways like this. We would not say it’s all good. It’s very strong. It’s very — hmm — it keeps people away. It keeps the wrong people away. They can feel it, instantly. Our friend does it without even knowing it. You could learn things like this from our friend.

Your energy is very different. You should be [sharp outbreath] that shining, glowing human being, that’s blinding the others.

See it in a good way. You’re blinding them, so they can’t see the bad things that they are trying to nurture. You don’t like that. You are not like that. You need to make sure they can feel your presence.

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