Spend a Day as If You Saw Everything Differently

Do something revolutionary with this day: spend it as if you saw everything differently. This means that, just today, nothing will be irritating and nothing will be ordinary. When you take your shower this morning, for instance, it won't be just a shower; it will be an experience that cleanses your soul and frees you to spend this day seeing everything differently.

see everything

The houses and cars and yards you see on your way to work today will have some beauty or some quirkiness to color this morning. You'll see the people who are pleasant to you during the day as saints and angels, and those who aren't as precious beings who must themselves be having a bad day (or a run of them).

As you proceed through this day seeing everything differently, let your other senses in on the fun. Taste every morsel as if you had never in your life had vanilla yogurt and smell the flowers: stick your head in a cathedral and smell the frankincense; pop into a candle shop and smell the cinnamon and sandalwood and bayberry. Make this day of extrasensory perception, not in the supernatural sense, but by making extra use of the senses you've got.

"The contentment we see," writes Sam Horn, author of ConZentrate, "is available anytime, anywhere ... for a moment's notice. And age becomes immaterial when you're immersed in appreciation." Give yourself a day of this kind of immersion, and repeat it anytime you like.

Rejuvenate Yourself with Action:

Spend today as if you saw everything differently.

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