Yoga Pants are Hotter Than Ever Before

Written by Regina Due.

If you haven't noticed the major trend, yoga pants are the hottest athletic gear of the decade. You've spotted celebrities wearing them, professional athletes flaunting them, and even fashion designers loving them. They're comfortable, offer body contouring, and even allow you full mobility while you wear them. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why yoga pants are hotter than ever before.

yoga pants

There has definitely been some evolution in the way that yoga pants are made. In earlier incarnations, yoga pants were almost always a single color, or at most, had two colors to show. Soon after the yoga pant explosion began, printed yoga pants became the new height of sports fashion for cool women. The newest wave of yoga pants combine the chic look of printed pants with flattering material that contours around the body, lifts, supports, and still breathes.

Yoga pants have become increasingly common in non-gym environments, and when you look at the latest wave of these pants hitting the market, it's understandable. The newest innovations in yoga wear basically fused the perks of yoga pants with the stylish flair of a beautiful pair of print leggings. This makes the new wave of yoga pants an ideal part of an elegant outfit for a night on the town, as well as an amazing piece of athletic wear that will make Pilates easier than ever before.

Yoga pants are not the usual frumpy, easily stretched out pants that they once were. Instead, the new vanguard of yoga wear designers have begun to focus on creating pants that are hyper-modern, sexy, and stylish enough to be worn outside the gym. It's safe to say that with new designers emerging, yoga pants have transcended into the realms of high fashion and streetwear. These new pants are just as much a statement of bold, liberated attitude as they are a statement that you won't settle for unfashionable outfits at any point in time.

They are elite. They are gorgeous. They are yoga pants, and they are rocking the fashion scene around the world. Most of all, they are incredibly versatile. These pants can be casual, and by all means, will make you feel like you're wearing your favorite loungewear. However, a savvy fashionista can also pair them with urban tees, heavily accented jackets, and cute accessories to create an incredibly eye-catching statement that is unmistakably elegant.

The fashion world rarely ever has items that actually feel comfortable but still maintain that air of sophistication. Rarer still are garments that manage to flatter all different kinds of physiques while looking great. Yoga pants have finally made it to that level of style, and if you're fashion-smart, you'll likely realize that yoga pants are the new leggings. Even if you can't stand the idea of trying to do a Downward-Dog pose, yoga pants are a trend you'll adore. Trust us when we say that it's not just for hippies anymore!

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