Omnitom - Yoga and Pilates Wear

I'd like to thank Omnitom for sending me a beautiful organic cotton yoga outfit. As I put it on the first time, it felt so soft, cool and comfortable on my skin. The fabric on your skin really feels like you're wearing nothing on.

Omnitom Yoga Wear

Omnitom is a European brand that provides yoga and pilates wear in feminine bright colours that are made to balance your chakras. This is a unique concept for yoga and wellness enthusiasts.

We are naturally drawn and attracted to different colours, as it's our natural instinct. Colours have magnetic energy and healing powers to correct any imbalances in your body. I really loved the Pranic Green colour as it's very soothing to look at. I received so many compliments while wearing the outfit, as people aren't used to seeing someone wearing all green. It has a very loving feel to it.

Of all the yoga wear that I own (which is lots), this outfit seems to exceed my expectations in many ways. It definitely has the softness fabric, much softer than my bamboo yoga outfit. I would say, your skin will love it.

The colour options are great, and yes, black is also available for those who are shying away from bright colours.

The look and feel of this outfit is quite sexy, as it accentuates your curves in all the right places. The stylish details of their collection is inspired by the Chinese tradition to enhance a woman's features with elegance. The three holes at the top of your back give your skin a cooler sensation.

All in all I give Omnitom's yoga wear a 10 out of 10 for style and comfort. It's like wearing second skin!

Chakra Chick Collection

Omnitom Yoga Wear

The Chakra Chick collection is a fun and fresh collection in homage to the chakras. The bold color combinations and chakra symbols stamped stylishly at the back of the tops help us draw in renewed energy in order to balance our body, mind and spirit. The cut is stylish and timeless. The sleeved and sleeveless tops are inspired by the Chinese traditional silk dresses and enhance and elegant neck line. And the tank top allowing for a bit more skin, for those yoginis who practice in warmer surrounding or who feel more comfortable with less. The pants in the Chakra Chick collection are straight with a roll down belt, classic, comfortable and simple.


Wear the Purple Bliss for mediation and more intuitive practice, the purple color will stimulate your intuition and clarity of mind, helping you to enter realms that your normal mind cannot enter.


Use Pranic Green for heart opening practice, allowing the green to focus on strengthening your heart center. Allowing yourself to be open to give and to receive love, sharing this loving energy with the universe and all living beings in it.


For Flow and Fluid practice wear the Bhakti Blue combination. It connects you to the water element, allowing you to feel the flow within, as well as stimulating your communications center by strengthening your throat chakra.


Choose Red Roots for Fire practice. If you are ready to burn toxins, burn whatever it is that is outdated and serves no purpose in your life, wear Red Roots. Go back to your center and strengthen your root chakra.

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