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In today's world of never slowing technological progress, increasing demands from work and families and ever-increasing pace of life, we all strive for relaxation, some peace and serenity.

hot yoga wellness

HOT YOGA WELLNESS is a wellness center, which is dedicated to bringing wellness and well-being to everyone. Hot Yoga Wellness has three studios, one at 1750 Steeles Ave West, Concord, one at 28 Roytec Rd, in Woodbridge, and one at 3421 Kennedy Rd, in Toronto. Hot Yoga Wellness studios offer a range of classes, including body temperature hot yoga, pilates, pre-natal yoga, Venyasa flow yoga, Qiqong-Yoga combinations and many more classes. Our studios also offer a range of wellness management services through a resident registered massage therapist and osteopath, as well as a range of other para-medical practitioners. From the moment you step into our studio, throughout the practice and well after you leave our studio, your wellness is our goal.

The paths that bring us to Hot Yoga Wellness are different, but the destination of personal wellness and well-being is something we all share. Some of us were reluctant to try our first class, but felt in love with it the first time we tried it. For others, joining Hot Yoga Wellness was a logical development to their practice at home with a video instruction approach. For yet others, coming to Hot Yoga Wellness was a result of many years of pursuing the question of the purpose in their life. No matter what brings you to Hot Yoga Wellness, we can promise that, once you are here, you will be definitely on the right path towards self-discovery, wellness, well-being and personal growth.

Hot yoga is core of what we offer! The Hot Yoga Wellness Yoga Series uses yoga postures performed in a proper sequential manner in an infra-red heated room. The student feels the cardio workout along with an increase in core strength and overall toning. Our flow allows a person to stretch safely and to detoxify through sweat. The student will find that the Hot Yoga Wellness Studio experience is simply wonderful. The studio is quiet with the instructor guides the aspiring yogi to achieve full potential yet at their own speed. The student works as hard as he or she wishes to and at the same time there are virtually no distractions.

A range of advanced classes specifically caters to those who seek challenge in their practice. Our environmentally-friendly studio environment, peace of the practice room and friendly staff makes it is a truly uplifting experience and draws students again and again.

Sujun Chen, the Founder of Hot Yoga Wellness, is a great believer in finding balance in everything in life, finding yin and yang in every aspect of daily life and daily practice. Everything we do at Hot Yoga Wellness is premised by the concept of balance - we strongly believe that it is balance that is the core and foundation of the overall well-being.

Come and join us for a practice and discover the world of HOT YOGA WELLNESS for yourself. Bring a print out of this article and receive a special gift from us - practice for a whole week absolutely free. Take as many classes as you want and discover the wonders of Hot Yoga Wellness.

The staff at Hot Yoga Wellness is always available for consultation to discuss a person's needs.

Recharge! Rejuvenate! Build!

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