$3000 Lululemon Yogawear Haul

I practically live in comfortable yoga wear on a daily basis. So I recently indulged in a shopping spree at Lululemon. I must of tried on almost everything in the store... I chose items based on the color theme I liked, as this way I could mix and match outfits. I kind of splurged and spent $3000 in total. Talk about self love!

lululemon yoga wear

Here are some reasons as to why I splurged $3000 at Lululemon:

Comfortable Wear

I really enjoyed shopping at Lululemon, as everything I got fits perfectly and its fabrics were super comfortable on my skin. Wearing comfortable clothing on a daily basis has become a must for me.

Selection of Yoga Wear

Most people wear the typical black leggings to workout classes, as it slims you down, and hides any imperfections. I decided to go for lighter shades of leggings. I'm quite confident with my body and have nothing to hide. But of course I had to get one black legging as well, that's because I loved the style and look of it.

When it comes to tanks and tops, I bought everything. From sports bras, full tanks, long sleeves, sweat shirts, hoodies and jackets, I bought everything.

I've been loving the rose pink, maroon/burgundy shades, as they seem to match my olive skin tone complexion. They are also quite feminine colors, which suits my soft and calm personality.

lululemon yoga wear

Renew Wardrobe

It feels amazing to renew your wardrobe. I actually donated and gave away most of my old active wear from when I started yoga back 10 years ago. It feels nice to start fresh and get rid of old energy items in your home. This helps to make space for new opportunities in your life, as you are ready for new things to come.

Yoga Trends have Changed

The yoga wear trends have changed over time, especially in the last decade. The comfort of yoga wear is now worn throughout the day and is considered lounge wear. It is worn going grocery shopping, to the mall or even to see a movie. Yoga leggings have replaced jeans. That's why most women have at least 5-10 leggings in their closet, with only a few pairs of jeans.

My active wear apparel has increased over the years, that I have a special rack in my walk-in-closet just for fitness wear, that's organized by style and color.


I go to strength training classes 3-4 times a week, a long with yoga classes on the weekend, so I sweat a lot. Therefore having a lot of active wear items really suits my lifestyle, as I don't have to do the laundry often.

$3000 might seem like a lot, but I do like to live in the present moment and enjoy the fruits of labor. I also like to look good when working out, as my confidence shines. When you look pretty, you naturally feel pretty. It's all about self-love, which we all need more of.

This $3000 Lululemon investment was a way to update my yoga wear collection and have some nice comfortable items to wear day to day as well.

$3000 Lululemon Haul
VIDEO - See my new $3000 yoga wear collection from Lululemon. I try on everything for you. This was so much fun to film. Enjoy!

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