Champion Shape Wear Review

Champion USA has sent me some body shaping and smoothing yoga wear to review. I must say, that at first I was skeptical at the idea that these tight body shaping fabrics would be uncomfortable and constricting with movement. I thought I'd have to hold my breath and squeeze into them, like a girdle. Boy was I wrong.....

Champion Wear

As I put on this yoga wear, I was amazed how perfectly they fit. They made my body look so shapely and smooth with the freedom to move and stretch so easily.

I received long pants, knee tights and a long top in black. Each one targets your problem areas so that you can stay smooth and tight in all the right places, during your yoga practice or workout.

They have power mesh zones that also help to keep you dry and cool during exercise. So not only are you getting a more shapely body, you're also staying dry, as the fabric will absorb your sweat.

Some people are shy when it comes to wearing workout clothes. They tend to hide their bodies in baggy pants and loose t-shirts. They are ashamed of themselves because they don't have a six pack or a bikini celebrity body.

Champion USA realizes that there is a need to tighten your tummy and thighs to help boost your confidence. Women of all shapes and sizes can now wear these shaping and tightening work out wear and feel great and look great at the same time.

I give Champion USA an applause for creating comfortable workout wear that will give you body shaping, smoothing and the confidence where you need it most.

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