Earth Runners

I recently received a pair of grounding earthing sandals from Earth Runners. They are meant to connect you to the earth while running or hiking outdoors by recreating a barefoot experience. Our feet connect us to the earth, so typical footwear blocks that connection. The design is meant to absorb any street hazards, so it's pretty safe for your feet for any outdoor activity.

Earth Runners

You get to customize the sandal to what type of ground feel you're looking for and specific lace style. You can choose: Slip-on, Nylon or leather laces.

I chose the 10mm Birkenstock Alpha Earth Runners with leather laces, as they provide extra protection for longer distances. The tan leather laces looks more comfortable and fashionable. I can wear these with a nice summer dress as well!

There are instructions on how to adjust the sandals to achieve a custom fit. This is great because each foot is different, and if you have any discomfort over time, then the straps can be adjusted.

I would recommend these Earth Runners to anyone who loves being out in nature, hiking, running, walking or playing outside. I will be wearing these sandals all summer to restore the old-age connection of the earth. Being grounded to the earth has many positive physical and mental benefits, as you're more in tune with nature.

Here's what Earth Runners has to say about earthing:

Earthing is the primal experience of living grounded to the earth, similar to how all life has evolved here on earth throughout time. Modern insulated lifestyles interrupt our bodies ability to connect with earth and effectively tell time. We offer the world's most grounding earthing shoes!

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