Beginner's Dilemma? Simple Yoga Poses to Start with

Written by Ami Pat.

In today's fast and busy lifestyle, most of the people just do their daily routine of exercise and get on with their day. Ultimately, what happens? Either they are more exhausted at the end of the day, or completely stop doing it. Here, the important question that pops into the mind is, Why Yoga?

raised hands pose

The word Yog literally means joining or balancing. You may ask, joining of what? Yoga connects body with the inner self, and mind-a complete package! This is where Yoga essentially differs from other forms of exercises.

Let us know about some very simple asanas or poses which will encourage the beginners to try them out and check for themselves the good it brings in their lives.

Tadasana - Mountain Pose

Please familiarize yourself with this name, since each and every other standing pose begins with this pose. It may be one of the easiest one, but the most basic and important among all the standing poses.

As usual, stand with your feet firmly planted on the floor with your hands by your sides. Adjust the centre of your body by tilting backward and forward and ultimately finding your balanced position. Exhale and lengthen yourself upward from the base of your spine. The secret is to imagine that the crown of your head touches the ceiling! Along with that, pull your hands toward the ground as much as you can. Here also the secret lies in thinking that your hands are touching the ground! Continue for five breaths and come back to the original position.

Beginners can stand with your back against a wall to correct your posture. Later on, you can improvise with the hand position too. This pose is useful in sciatica and targets mainly on your thighs. You may feel that this pose is almost too easy. But remember, yoga is not just a physical exercise wherein you simply sweat and toil. It works from the inside, as well as outside.

Look at the mountain like qualities of stability and stillness, it invokes in a person.

Urdhva Hastasana - Raised Hands Pose

Now that you have already learnt Tadasan, move into the pose. -Raised Hands Pose is again a very simple pose. Inhale and raise up your arms upward, touching your ears. Elongate further and join them in a salutation above your head. Let your ribs be in level, rather than protruding outward. Hold for a few breaths, bring down your hands and relax. Simple, wasn't it? However, the benefits it gives are great! It targets the shoulders, armpits and the stomach, and gives relief in backache and fatigue.

So all you people sitting all day long in the office, cheer up! This is exactly what you need after a long session in front of a computer. And all those ladies wanting a tummy tuck perk up! Doing this pose will give you the best belly sculpt in the world!

Thus enjoy your Raised hands pose while dreaming about a beautiful body you will acquire, shortly, surely!! Start with these most basic asanas in the standing position category and see how it feels!

You will notice that after completing the Yoga session, you are definitely in a happier state of mind! You may be of any age; however, after an invigorating session of yoga, you are most likely to forget it!!

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