The Magic of Music and Yoga

Written by Vidivir Esplanada.

Music is the universal language of the soul. It has the ability to dig into the deepest corners of our minds and take us to another time and place. In many different cultures around the world, music is regarded as divine. The Om, for example, which has been chanted since the last 4000 years and has been passed on from generation to generation, carries a divine sound which is found in all of creation.

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Music and yoga are both considered as parts of alternative medicine. Individually, the two possess extraordinary healing powers. It stands to reason then, that combining music and yoga together can create limitless possibilities of healing, transformation and peace.

Enhancing Yoga Experience with Music

Although yoga can be practiced in silence, its effects can be magnified if it is paired with nice, pleasant music. Here are a few ways on how music can enhance our yoga experience:

Choosing the Right Music for Yoga

Inevitably, not all types of music harbour the same relaxing benefits. Some music, particularly the loud ones, can be very distracting and potentially harmful. Choosing the right music for yoga can be tricky, but here are a few helpful suggestions to narrow down your list:

Remember not to limit yourself with the suggestions above. Do not be afraid to experiment on other music genre such as reggae, acoustic and mellow pop. Create your own stress-relief mix or browse through a number of sample playlists from yoga instructors online.

I always like to think that music and yoga is the dream couple. Both provide effective healing and therapy for even the unseen and unexplained illnesses. Bringing these two together could create a powerful and fulfilling experience.

Vidivir Esplanada is a freelance blogger and regular contributor for FitMeIn.

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