Harmonics of Yoga

Life is motion, consciousness being in motion, and motion effecting effecting all matter is vibration. All matter is thus nothing but an expression of energy, in other words existence of varied forms of matter is directly attributed to the process of combination and permutation of infinite variety of vibrations existing in this universe. Every thing in this universe whether living or non-living, has been created by certain types of vibrations.

yoga sounds

The human body is like an instrument of vibration unto itself. Even if you are unable to hear a sound there is the silence that echos through your pores. The human body is like a musical song vibrating to its own degree with every soul unique with its frequency pattern. It is what makes us distinct among all that exist.

The way the pattern of energy flows through our veins and the interlocking patterns of our subtle tubes and the paths they tread as energy is dancing through us. Like the rivers of the amazon with its different currents so are our bodies the infinite variations in which the rivers can flow throughout our structural body. Like the vibrations of a violin and the strings that harmoniously dance so were our bodies made to live.

The way yoga was meant to be learnt was formless in its teachings. You could not shape a concrete teaching and hold that is true yoga. For everything is yoga, the relationships we hold with each-other, our interrelations with the earth, and the seasons that circulate through us. Our connections to the movement of earth and the stars are all sharing a relationship that yields and pushes us forward. We can say the earth is dancing and as it does it is singing in joy, yet we live unaware of this. So then everything is dancing this is where we begin

The harmonics of yoga is the practice of new form of yoga. It is through using the power of sound to transform energy into a new vibration and shape. There is energy within us that is fear that limits us and to transform it we replace it with the expression of love. This is where it gets interesting, as their are so many poses in yoga that the body can shape. We use these forms with the practice of vibrational melodies to evoke certain effects within the body. Every body position will react differently producing a different a harmonious result.

The practice is to use your vocal cords to sing a melody that evokes certain emotions from the sounds influencing your mind-stream. If you have ever sung a mantra you will be mindful of that moment when you start to feel certain emotions of empowerment that lift you from those oppressed states that you were holding. It can be any sound, the idea is to create sounds, and harmoniously play them together creating a melody. It is very powerful. You are creating. For example: HAA HAAYAA HEE HAA YAA HO AH YA.. The idea is to play with it until it sounds right. Be creative and form your own sounds So what will begin to happen? This sound will shake your nerves awakening your spirit, what you are relating is a powerful creation of unity with your soul. It is the bond that will connect you through the power of your voice. It is the force that will fill you with a deeper concentration as the vibrations rock your subtle body.

To practice it correctly you must listen to the sound, and you will hear it and it will begin to sing to you, and as you listen something will happen you will begin to express a different emotion. Now you can place yourself in the lotus position or any yoga position there are so many variations you can try. The technique is to inhale a long breath of 8 counts or longer and once you exhale to sing a powerful melody with the focus of your attention inwards in area you wish their to be effect. Remember, where ever you focus your attention that is where your energy will flow. So focus deeply at the presumed location. The more louder and powerful is your song that stronger will be that transformation. The proper method is to first begin with a whisper, and as you find that sound that evokes a unique emotion, that is when you begin to raise the sound louder and louder. It begins to flow until you are practically yelling it. Then you are creating magic.

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