Music to Practice Yoga

Written by Carol Traulsen.

For along time I had been intimidated by yoga. The thought of sitting in some barren studio listening to wind chimes or endless Kitaro CDs put me off. Don't get me wrong I love Kitaro and George Winston. I was introduced to their music long before I took up yoga. I'll get back to them a little later. Part of what kept me from yoga was my perception about what I had to do, be or listen to. Music is important to me and while serenity is important to I find that music is helpful as motivation while doing yoga. So that said there are times in the beginning and the end of the yoga session where I like a quiet serene or contemplative tune. But I can't take an hour of it. Then I found a show on the Oxygen network called Inhale. Steve Ross changed my life.

yoga music

Steve is a musician who played bands like Men at Work and Fleetwood Mac. He loves music. His kind of yoga and his personality aren't for everyone. But he opened my eyes (or rather ears) to what yoga could be for me. I could listen to Motown, or Reggae or New Age. Here are just a few of my favorites and where I place them in my work out.

The first section I'll call Sly Groove. These songs have a slow vibe that sneaks up on you, it's infectious. I can't help but move when I hear these tunes:

The next section is all about Motivation. Really it may as well be called the Motown Selections. I do love the classics. I could work out to this type of music exclusively and be happy.

When I want to be inspired here's a list of songs that work for me. The idea is large sound, church-like feel. The music has to encourage me to let go, be in the moment, feel it and just be free. I don't know how else to explain it.

The last section is for a more contemplative mood whether it's warming up or cooling down these songs help me slow down and focus.

Make your own play list. Experiment with types of music. One day do a Reggae flavored work out, the next try working up a sweat to music from the 50's or Motown hits (my favorite) You should see how joyful my chair pose is while grooving to Wilson Pickett's Mustang Sally! Maybe instrumental is more your style because it helps you focus. Or try a work out with Celtic music. Maybe African dance music moves you. Each form of music will create a different yoga experience. Changing the music can give you the energy and encouragement to keep up your yoga routine, and it's a good way to keep things fresh.

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