Yoga Walking

Written by Vera Del Vecchio.

I would like to talk about Yoga Walking. Walking is very popular so good for you. Yoga Walking combines the benefits of walking with the added nurturing healing benefits of yoga. Anyone can easily learn and practice Yoga Walking anywhere anytime.

yoga walking

In some parts of the world you pay a Doctor only when you are healthy. He does not get paid when you get sick!

I believe Yoga Walking could help heal many people through prevention of dis-ease.

My Life not that long ago was very different from today. I came from sickness, disease, abuse and poverty.

With a complication from an operation on my foot, I could hardly walk. For over 3 years, I was limping and dragging my leg and foot when I tried to walk. My whole leg and foot was always swollen, and I had terrible constant pain from nerve and bone damage in my toe. The doctors told me that I suddenly had osteoporosis and arthritis. The many therapies and medications did not give any relief. I feared that I had become a cripple for life.

Last year, I tripped and fell on the sidewalk and dislocated my elbow. I was horrified to see that the lower half of my arm was twisted the opposite way! Very painfully, the Doctors pulled my arm into my elbow joint back in place. The Doctors told me that I may never again have full movement in my arm.

I was also diagnosed with asthma. Listening to the doctors, I took my puffer inhaler and asthma drugs. The doctors told me that I would have asthma for life, including having to take drugs for life.

I finally decided to go deaf! I got fed up and refused to listen to any doctors and refused any medication they prescribed. Today, my leg, foot, arm and breathing is back to normal. I can walk for miles now, and my arms, legs, and breathing is healthy again!

Through discovering the healing powers of Kundalini Yoga, I can say today my life is filled with empowerment, health, prosperity and love. Happiness is your birthright and yoga makes it all possible. Yogi Bhajan

What is yoga walking?


Practicing yoga walking provides positive changes:

What you will learn with Yoga Walking?

Life today can be overwhelming and challenging. Recharge, invigorate, and heal while you enjoy new friends, fresh outdoors and nature around you with Nature Yoga Walking!

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