Yoga Decoded - More than just Striking a Pose

Contrary to how others see this practice, yoga is more than just striking a pose. It is a way of life, a practice that will allow the meeting of the body, the mind and the spirit to holistically develop you into a better person. One of the highlights in doing yoga is self discipline. People who are having a hard time disciplining themselves will somehow find enlightenment through the use of this philosophy.

yoga stretch

Try being still for a minute. Even just for a minute of not doing anything, of being on a standstill, of not moving and just breathing is difficult. Even in our sleep, we can't help but move around. This is because as humans, we have the propensity to move around a lot and being still is a challenge that is just too difficult to hurdle. This would be a start of self discipline. With yoga, you will learn to control your mind and tap your spirit to free yourself from the itch to move around a lot. This is what we usually feel when we try to be still, we itch all over our body to just break free and move around.

To control yourself and really just sit still and just breathe is one of the things you will learn in yoga. You will find that there is power in stillness and that being stationary can be used to your advantage. With you being still, you will be able to start conditioning your mind. You will be able to focus and be keen with the things going around you even though you have your eyes closed or you can completely block off any outside distractions. The mind is a powerful tool that some of us are not able to tap completely. With the use of yoga, you will be able to harness the power of your mind.

It may just be poses that you are seeing from the outside but there are a lot of things going on inside the person who is doing yoga. He is closing his eyes but deep inside he is communing with his self and in the process of doing this he is also drowning outside distractions. In this process you are also sharpening your minds capacity to really focus and be keen with details. This is a step towards enlarging your usage of your brain's power.

Yoga has a lot of benefits but among these various health benefits you are getting, the conditioning of the mind can be the most important. With the help of this practice you will be able to distress yourself and in the process prevent your body from bogging down. You will be able to fully condition your thinking that you are capable of doing anything. That your mind is powerful enough to combat whatever affliction you have inside and will eventually translate to you being more productive and less likely to get sick. Mind over matter is one of the things that you will likely embrace when practicing yoga.

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