Yoga To Improve Dental Health

Yoga is known as a very healthy life habit to include in your daily life. However, you wouldn't imagine that yoga is also good for improving your dental health. While it sounds rather odd, it has been known that finding a balance between mind and body can also make you a lot more comfortable when it comes to smiling. Here’s how yoga helps keep your mouth healthy:

dental yoga

The Stress Factor

With all our fancy gadgets and high tech way of life, we are a generation of very troubled people. We are constantly stressing out about something in our lives, whether our relationships, job or family, stress can be a detrimental factor to our health. When you're stressed or anxious, you are less likely to take good care of yourself, which includes brushing your teeth before bed. When you're stressed, you don't find much motivation and awareness of health, which could affect your oral hygiene. Yoga helps eliminate stress and bring more focus to taking good care of yourself, which can contribute to having great teeth.

The Posture Factor

Your posture is an important factor when it comes to dental health. When you have a bad posture, for example when you’re slouching, you move a lot of your bones, starting with your spine and skull but also going all the way to your jaw. When you have bad posture, your jaw goes out of alignment and in the long run can cause serious conditions like TMJ. This relates to your upper and lower jaw not being able to work together properly. We don't really think about having jaw problems when we're slouching in our chair, but it can happen. Practicing yoga a few times a week works wonders on improving your posture.

The Saliva Factor

Saliva is more than just what you used to play with when you were a little kid. Saliva is crucial for some processes that go on inside your mouth. One of the most important one is cleansing the mouth and washing away food particles and bacteria. If there’s not enough saliva to keep your mouth moist and wash away bacteria, then it can grow, and lead to infection. Saliva production is enhanced by practicing yoga. Additionally, learning proper breathing exercises keeps your mouth moist and prevents dryness, which promotes healthy saliva generation.

There are numerous ways in which you can take care of your mouth. One of them is to visit an orthodontist in Calgary like Family Braces but to the surprise of many, practicing yoga is also on the list. The most important thing is to make sure that your dental hygiene is in order so that you may avoid unnecessary and unpleasant complications down the road.

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