Carol Traulsen

Carol Traulsen is a yoga enthusiast, freelance writer and author who lives with her family and cat in Washington. Her books:3, and Flash Flower are available for sale through Amazon exclusively for Kindle. Her third title Luv's Life is set for release on Amazon for Kindle soon.

Yoga as Treatment for ADHD

Yoga proves to be quite effective for adults and children with ADHD. It can help to improve concentration, focus and relaxation without drug interactions and side effects.

How About a Yoga Break?

With our sedentary lifestyles of sitting for hours all day only moving our fingers, taking a yoga break would definitely improve circulation and bring us back to work more refreshed relaxed and re-invigorated!

Why Yoga Will Never Go Out of Style

Yoga will never go out of style, as it's been a round for decades. Other forms of exercise seem to just come and go. Plyometrics is a series of intense rapid and repeated tretching known as muscle confusion.

Favorite Yoga Poses

Carol Traulsen shares with us her favorite yoga poses. Whether or not you can hold a yoga pose can be an indicator of how you're currently feeling at the present moment. Sometimes you just lack focus in your life.

Music to Practice Yoga

Music can bring serenity and be helpful as motivation while practicing yoga. There are so many options of music, as each person has their own taste. Here are a few lists of some favorites that you can incorporate into your practice.

Cancer - Health

Any serious life or health illness or condition can definitely cause us to make a change in our lives. Carol Traulsen shares with us how she had to make some serious adjustments while she was taking her cancer treatments.


There are times in our lives when our breath can be taken from us, and it's not always a positive moment. When Carol Traulsen was diagnosed with breast cancer her breath was just taken away!