Raising Your Roof

Written by Sarah Burwick.

In class the other day my teacher told us to look up in our warrior pose and not to let the roof interfere with our vision. I thought wow, what a simple statement that covers it all. Often times we put up these walls with the belief that we are protecting ourselves. What we don't realize is that we are actually barricading ourselves in.

power yoga

Recently I have had many students come to me for advise on numerous topics ranging from should I do a yoga teacher training to did my boyfriend break up with me or are we just on a break? It may seem like these questions are radically different but they're not. Off the mat we are bombarded with questions from the very minute we wake up until we rest our heads at night. It's no wonder we get so confused and look outside of ourselves for the answers.

Looking outside ourselves is our first mistake. Others can guide you for sure but no one can give you the answers you seek. I can hold someone's hand, help them walk through their own fire but no one can live your life. You need to see what you see, feel what you feel and let the answers come naturally and reveal themselves from within.

Many times I have counted on others to get me though tough times and I am so grateful for them, but in the end you have to know that you can manage just fine on your own.

One of the hardest things to do in life is to truly look at yourself. I mean really look. When we look at the mirror we think we see our reflection but there is a fog between us and the mirror. The fog represents our past, the laws of our society, the ego, and the burdens we carry that we should have dropped long ago.

Next time you are on your mat be an observer. Watch yourself with no expectations, no judgment. Just remain with your breath intact. The answers will come to you when you are ready to hear them. Raise your roof, look outside your box, jump over your own fence, do what you need to do to arrive at your truth. A little hint to get you started on this path... if you are asking the question you are headed down the right path.


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