Zensorium Tinké

I received a Zensorium Tinké, which tracks your respiratory rate, blood oxygen saturation and heart rate variability using your iPhone or Android device. It raises awareness of your fitness levels, motivating you to get moving.

Zensorium Tinké

It's pretty easy to set up. All you do is download the app from the Apple App Store, then sign in with your basic information, like gender, height, weight, birthday, country, etc. and you're all set up.

The Tinké measures your heart rate, respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and heart rate variability. It then combines these factors into two scores, your Vita Index and your Zen Index.

The Vita Index is a personalized cardio-fitness score dependent on your heart beats per minute, breathes per minute, and blood oxygen saturation. The four ranges are: Energetic, Average, Acceptable or Attention. It is recommended to take a Vita measurement in the morning, when you wake up, or are just sitting quietly without interruptions to indicate your resting heart rate and normal respiratory rate.

The Zen Index is dependent on your breathing rate to determine your stress level. The ranges for Zen are: Relaxed, Calm, Composed or Anxious. It is recommended to take a Zen measurement before going to bed, as it can promote relaxation using the breathing exercise.

Each measurement requires your thumb to be placed on the Tinké's sensor. Then you get a result on your iPhone screen. Your results are also compared using a graph against the worldwide averages.

The Tinké helps create health and fitness awareness. It motivates you to get moving and improve your health and living habits. I would recommend this for any health/fitness enthusiast, or that couch potato friend that needs a little push to start exercising. It definitely makes a great gift.

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