Yoloha Yoga Mat

I received the most beautiful Yoloha yoga mat I've ever seen. It has seven chakras throughout and is made from natural cork. What's amazing is that it's so light to carry around and has excellent grip performance, so your hands don't slip and slide at all. Your downward dogs are firm to the ground.

Yoloha Yoga Mat

The mat itself has a thick enough cushion to provide a grounded feel on any surface, and is soft enough for any knee positions. This is important, as some yoga mats are too thin, and your knees, hips and back can feel the floor.

It's amazing for hot yoga, as you don't need a towel. When the mat gets wet, it still gives you a non-slip grip. It's anti-microbial, naturally killing bacteria, germs and smells.

The company Yoloha has other yoga accessories all made from cork. Everything is hand made locally in the USA and comes with a natural jute rope strap. This makes it so easy to carry around.

This Yoloha yoga mat is so pleasant to look at as you practice, as the colors of the chakras are bright and easy on the eyes. It's my favorite mat so far, as I've tried so many over the years. I would highly recommend it to any yoga enthusiast.

See what Yoloha has to say about the yoga mat:

Discover the world’s first yoga mat to embrace a natural cork surface. Countless yogis have converted to cork for its persistent non-slip surface, even during the sweatiest hot yoga. Cork is also unsurpassed in sustainability and body-friendly properties. Unlike most synthetic materials used in yoga mats, cork is naturally antimicrobial and contains zero PVC’s or harmful chemicals. Purchasing a cork yoga mat helps protect the biodiversity of cork forests, as no trees are harmed in its production. Hand-made in the USA using 100% recyclable materials, our uniquely crafted mats are guaranteed to elevate your yoga experience.

About this design:

The seven chakras are the centers in our bodies through which energy flows. The brilliance of the chakra colors symbolizes our physical, spiritual and emotional state. Use this yoga mat to maintain your awareness of your body’s energy centers and keep your colors showing brightly.

Check out yolohayoga.com to see their handmade yoga gear made with cork.

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