The YOGO Mat

I recently received the YOGO Mat, which is a high quality fold up mat that can easily fit in your luggage, backpack or purse. A great solution for outdoor yoga, traveling or as a day to day mat.

I wish I had this mat while I was traveling last year. I was practicing yoga on the beach, and this mat would of been perfect, as it's light weight, and folds up like a small blanket. It's also very grippy, so you don't slip and slide while doing poses. So easy to carry around, especially if you're a backpacker or tourist with lots of places to go all day.

Yogo Mat

I'm loving the idea of having the compact straps built into the mat, so you'll never lose them. It's very convenient to have it altogether. You just fold it, snap the buckles, and you're good to go.

This Yoga Mat would make a great gift for any yoga enthusiast who is always on the go, and doesn't want to carry a large mat, as it just gets in the way of commuting, especially if you take public transportation or are a cyclist.

The YOGO Mat is also a superior design for hygiene. The top stays cleaner than a rolling mat because it doesn't touch the bottom when it folds - keeping sweat, germs, and dirt away from your practice.
The YOGO Mat is very easy to wash: it is designed to be rinsed or scrubbed in the shower then hung by its clipped straps to dry thoroughly.

You can visit www.YOGO.net to see their amazing travel mat.

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