YogaPup Custom Yoga Mat

I'd like to thank YogaPup for sending me a customized yoga mat with my website on it. I received my mat in burgundy with lexiyoga.com embroidered in white. It's a great contrast and colour combination, as the text is quite noticeable.

lexiyoga mat

Designing your own yoga mat gives you the ability to personalize your mat and make it unique. It's a great way to promote your business or brand.

They allow you to choose a colour of choice for your mat and a colour for the embroidery. Once you make an order, it would take 5-8 days to receive it to your door step.

The choices are endless. You can add your initials, name, brand, business, phrase, symbol or anything else that inspires you. This is your chance to get creative!

If you own a yoga studio, then it would be great to customize your yoga mats with your business name, or even sell them at your location. It's an awesome way to get your name out in the yoga community and increase brand awareness.

YogaPup custom mats also make a great gift. It's something personalized and makes a statement that's to be remembered.

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