Raja Yoga

Raja Yoga focuses on mind over matter. The use of positive power for complete holistic healing from within for influencing life. It synchronizes the physical, mental, emotional, intellectual, occupational, social and spiritual part of human existence. Raga yoga brings satisfaction and lasting peace to one's life.

raja yoga

If you're not healthy from the inside, then you're not considered a healthy person. Raja Yoga transforms the body and brain and brings upon complete harmony and balance. It helps in healing by promotion of physiological and biochemical processes within the body. If practiced, it can prolong life and bring fulfillment and help you achieve responsibilities in a balanced way.

When you achieve balanced energy throughout the body, the energy can move towards your third eye. Once this happens, your mind becomes calm and clear of thoughts and worries that are meaningless. Only then you can achieve a state of pure happiness.

Classic Styles of Yoga