Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti is a type of yoga that signifies a selfless and overwhelming love and devotion to god. It is common is many religions and is universal. It is mostly reflected in our prayers to god. There are no fixed methods to perform Bhakti yoga. Every person is different. Some individuals can take the help of external aids to stimulate prayer and meditation. These can include the use of sound, like singing or chanting and uses of mantras. There are alot of people who sing the names of god to heighten awareness and bring pure energy to their surroundings. Prayers and chanting is great for those who have difficulties concentrating during meditations.

bhakti yoga

In Bhakti yoga, only god holds your full attention, all other attachments and pleasures are meaningless. Food, sleep, sex, and other responsibilities aren't important anymore. The Bhakti experience is Love is God and God is Love. There are feelings of separation and longing to meet or catch a glimpse of god. All actions are for this purpose which would lead to oneness with god and eternal union and bliss.

Classic Styles of Yoga