Yoga Smoga Wear

Yoga Smoga has stylish yoga wear with awesome quality. I recently received the Tippy Toe Legging in Spanish Grey/Seattle Mist and the Twistie Tank in Mosaic Grey. I'm loving this outfit, as I don't own any yoga wear in these colors, as most of my leggings are black. These light colors are perfect for the summer months.

Yoga Smoga Wear

The Tippy Toe Leggings are super slimming and highlight your curves, making you look sleek and sexy in any yoga pose. No muffin top guaranteed, so you'll always look good.

The Twistie Tank comes with a built in bra to give you support, and is designed to stay put on your waist while you move and twist into any pose. You can choose from various color combinations to mix and match with any leggings.

Yoga Smoga is a company based in New York City, and have been around for a few years now. I've reviewed their yoga wear in the past, when they were pretty new. See it here:

The materials used in their clothing are really high quality and long lasting, so you get what you pay for.

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