Yoga Smoga Review

A new Indian inspired yoga wear brand just launched recently in New York, home of the fashion enthusiasts. Yoga Smoga is the name, which comes from an Indian rhyme, meaning Yoga and the things that go with it.

I was thrilled to try out a yoga outfit for review, as I love high quality modern yoga wear that's stylish and comfortable all in one.

Yoga Smoga

The Tippy Toe Legging in India Blue, and the Yantra Tank in Tickled Pink is what I got. I love the color combination, as it's a great change from the typical black that you see everywhere.

The fabric is originally made with safe and eco friendly dyes. The color technology used doesn't fade over time with washing. This is amazing, as the gorgeous blue and pink will stay vibrant for a long time. Perfect for hot yoga lovers like me, who wash and wear yoga gear all the time. My apartment always has yoga wear drying somewhere.

I tried this outfit for a few yoga classes already, and I must say that it's very comfortable on your skin. The fabric isn't stiff at all, as it stretches perfectly for each yoga pose. All body movements are smooth. I got a few compliments already. A yoga instructor, said What a beautiful shade of blue, for the leggings, and I said Oh yes, it's lovely, it's new, and it's Yoga Smoga.

These leggings can also be worn for other fitness workouts, and as a day to day legging. Just add a nice sweater with knee high boots or flats and you're good to go. The blue is a great color for spring and summer.

Their whole collection is made of three different styles of pants, a tank and a bra, so in total it's 5 pieces that they offer. Honestly that's all you really need. This way you can mix and match outfits.

Currently Yoga Smoga sells their wear online, and eventually will open a storefront in New York. A men's collection is also in the works, so be sure to check their website to see a sneak peak.

What began as a dream 3 years ago is now a reality. Our goal is to be a part of peoples lives wherever you are today and wherever you are going tomorrow. Whether you are on the go, or simply being, we are happy to be there with you. We want you to feel good wherever life takes you.

Mr. Rishi Bali, Founder & CEO of YOGASMOGA

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