Yoga and Dharmi - The Mudra to Diminish Worries

Written by Christelle Chopard.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular in our community, as it brings benefit in our physical health, providing more flexibility, strength, balance and releasing toxins. The practice of yoga supports us to clarify our mind through the breath, and to focus our attention in the present.

yoga mudras

As spiritual counselor with the Dharmi Program (www.dharmi.com) I approach the consultants in a holistic way. We unveil potentials and release some emotional and intelligence memory that is manifesting in our physical health (cellmemories), and in our behavior.

With the practice of Yoga, we can reprogram our cell memories through the practice of specific pranayamas (breathing techniques), asanas (yoga postures), mudras (yoga of the hands), mantras (chanting) or meditation. Mudras are the Yoga in your Hands. Mudras has been practiced not only in eastern countries and tradition. It has a history worldwide in many different traditions.

Mudras have a wondrous effect on the "emotional area" of our lives, which includes the soul, our feelings, and our moods. It is no coincidence that people make fists when they are vehemently agitated, or that hands become limp and their movements flighty during depressions. Also, Mudras affects "physical symptoms", eastern sages and doctors say that the body, mind and soul are inherent to every fingertip, every finger joint in each individual finger, and naturally also in the entire hand itself.

Through the fingers, hands, mudras, we release emotions, clarify our mind, balance our energy.

Here is a mudra I want to share with you today: "The Mudra to Diminish Worries" I choose this mudra because we first need to release thoughts, fears, worries, if we want to find more peace in our mind. Prepare a space where you can be quiet for 5 minutes, sit with a straight spine. Take 10 deep breath and adjust your posture to be comfortable, aligned.

  1. Bring your hands in front of your solar plexus, palms facing up. The sides of your little fingers and the inner sides of your palms are touching. Your middle fingertips are touching and perpendicular to your palms. Extend your thumbs away from your palms. Hold and keep your fingers stretched as antennas to activate the energy. The index and ring fingers are extended.
  2. You can visualize the following colors during the practice: green, blue, indigo.
  3. This mudra is affecting mainly the 4th (heart), 5th (throat), and 6th (third eye), chakras.
  4. Your breath is long, deep, and slow. Inhale and Exhale through the nose.
  5. You repeat mentally the mantra "OM" with each exhale.
  6. The sound "OM" awakens the vibration that opens the connection with the true source, essence of creation.

After the practice of this mudra, take 10 deep breaths, bring your hands to your face, and open your eyes slowly. I recommend you to practice this mudra for a min. of 5 minutes, every day for 9 days.

In infinite connection, to light, to the source, to all, to you!

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