Yoga Holiday Gift Guide 2015

Ever wonder what to get a yogi for the holiday season... besides a yoga mat! Well I'm a big yoga enthusiast and came across lots of yoga goodies that I'm recommending as a gift for the holiday season.

There's something for every budget, and what's not to love about online shopping in the comfort of your own home. Check out my YOGA‬ Holiday Gift Guide 2015.

Happy shopping!

Yoga Holiday Gift Guide

1. Yogi Surprise

Yogi Surprise care packages are the perfect gift, as each box is filled with yoga inspired items that are very useful and designed to nourish and support a healthy lifestyle.

2. Tiny Devotions

I'm a big fan of Tiny Devotions. I love the Rose Quartz mala beads, which is the stone of love that opens the heart chakra and enforces every type of love into your life.

3. Yoga Smoga

These Yoga Smoga leggings are super slimming and highlight your curves, with no muffin top guaranteed, so you'll always look good. The tank comes with a built in bra to give you support, and is designed to stay put on your waist while you move and twist into any pose.

4. Gamut Life

Gamut Life Tanks are super comfortable and fashionable. Their theme self acceptance, love and letting go.

5. Three Minute Egg Blocks

This Namastegg Starter Kit comes with 2 medium sized yoga blocks in the shape of an egg, a signature backpack and an Alignment and Flow DVD, which guides you through a yoga practice using blocks.

6. Daily Greatness

This Daily Greatness Yoga Journal: Your Masterplan for a Beautiful Conscious Life, is a way to transform your life and achieve healthy and positive goals.

7. Just Live Activewear

Just Live provides beautiful activewear that's fashion friendly, looks hot on the body and feels like second skin. These Sunset Lace leggings are like a rainbow of color for your eyes. It's moisture wicking, odor resistant, UV protective and fade proof.

8. The YOGO Mat

The YOGO Mat is a high quality fold up mat that can easily fit in your luggage, backpack or purse. It's a great solution for outdoor door, traveling or as a day-to-day mat.

9. Yoga Brights

These Yoga Brights Yoga Towels add a dash of color to your hot yoga practice. Made to soak up perspiration and prevent you from slipping while you practice.

10. Hotdog Yoga Rollpack

This Hotdog Yoga Rollpack is an awesome yoga bag that's not just for a yoga mat. You can fit everything you need for a yoga or workout class and more. You can pack, wrap and roll everything in an organized fashion, like a hot dog bun.

YOGA Holiday Gift Guide
VIDEO - Wondering what to buy a yogi other than a yoga mat? See my top 10 recommended YOGA‬ Holiday Gift Guide 2015.

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