Yoga for Taxi Drivers

Look around. Today's lifestyle is getting busier by the moment. The demands put on people leave less room for enjoyment and relaxation in what's left of their spare time and even the smart phone and computer technology cranks up the volume of things we can do and people who need our time.


Technology and workload aside, there are jobs that have been the same for years but place physical and psychological demands on our bodies when we've been doing them for some time.

It all sounds like a recipe for stress related and repetitive motion type injuries but there's relief in sight. Stress is a byproduct of our times and it causes many different diseases over a prolonged time frame by compromising the immune system. There's little doubt that being an airport taxi Toronto driver shuttling back and forth in heavy traffic can rattle your nerves over a period of time and put you on the path to high blood pressure and other medical problems, but there is a solution.

Yoga Instead of Fast Food

Yoga. It's not something you might associate with drivers bustling through the city all day, but yoga is an excellent way to relax the body and mind and taking a moment to practice a few postures in place of a coffee or fast food treat will help to bring you back to center.

The big toe posture doesn't require a lot of room and the benefits are immediate. By nature of the job, the average taxi Toronto Airport driver spends a lot of time sitting and this yoga technique helps to reduce tension and at the same time keep the spine strong and supple.

The extended separate leg intense stretch is another example of a bend that doesn't require a lot of room or time. Here your feet need to be kept in a wide stance. This ancient art offers a lot for Taxi drivers in the city and the immediate benefits are only the tip of the iceberg as far as what yoga in Toronto can do for you. Whether you're a taxi driver, someone else who uses their back and hands all day, or someone working in an office, yoga in Toronto has lots to offer including various styles from Bhakti Yoga where the experience 'Love is God and God is Love' comes into play to other forms including Kundalini Yoga that focuses on spiritual growth.

Taxi Drivers And Yoga Concepts

There is much more to the overall concepts behind Yoga than first meets the eye and even the stubborn cab driver who says he doesn't have enough time to try any of these yoga poses during his busy day and needs to wait until he gets home can partake of other remedies closely associated with the art.

Breathing and meditation are two of the other techniques that bring about some of the benefits of the more time consuming stretches and other poses. Simply by taking a few minutes to master some of these activities, even the busiest among us can find a little focus and relaxation. Pranayama is the art of deep breathing to lessen anxiety and stress.

And what about the drivers and other workers that need to put so many hours in they don't have a social life outside their work? Being an airport taxi Toronto driver can mean long shifts and there's even a social angle to yoga that's waiting to be discovered. Getting healthy with yoga can also mean finding people you can relate to while learning some other healthy practices like present moment living. The benefits of a healthy body and keener spiritual sense are just two of the added advantages here.

One of the other advantages has to do with your overall physical health. Swerving in and out of traffic no matter where you are in the heart of a busy city can actually lead to heart problems and even heat attacks in extreme situations.

There are many benefits to yoga in Toronto for taxi drivers who are prone to sitting for long periods of time. Simple stress reduction is one of the biggest advantages no matter what line of work you're in, but the stretching that comes with the poses specifically help to keep the back supple.

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