Yoga for Seniors

Growing Old

Some people consider growing old to be a blessing, as with age, you because wiser. You also feel a great happiness as you see your children growing up and giving you adorable grand children. But unfortunately growing old also means that you will lose your physical appearance that you used to have when you were younger, grey hair will start to appear and wrinkles will show on your skin.

yoga for seniors

Not only physical appearance, but your physical abilities will also decrease. You can no longer read without glasses, you easily feel tired, you cannot move as fast as you used to be, you start losing your hearing, and there are many more activities that you can no longer do when you become older.

Your body will also be more susceptible to diseases, and finally as your body loses its physical abilities, your mind will also be showing the same derivation of quality. Although older people are usually more calm but unfortunately they can no longer remember as much things as they used to, and they cannot think and react as fast as they used to be when they were younger.

Yoga is the Best Exercise for Seniors

Although the aging process and its consequences are unstoppable, there are some methods and remedies that can be implemented to slightly reverse the process of aging. One of the best methods that can be performed to help increasing the life quality of elderly people is yoga. Young people have many exercise choices to maintain their physical wellness, but the choices for the elderly are quite slim. An aerobic class or physical training at the gym might be too tough to be performed by the elderly, considering their physical condition at the moment, especially those who were not really interested in a healthy lifestyle when they were younger.

This is what makes yoga an excellent choice for elderly people. You don't have to be at any strength level to start practicing yoga. Whatever your physical condition is at the moment, is where you can start. You can also customize your yoga practice easily according to your physical capability. Today, you can find many yoga studios offering yoga classes designed specially for seniors. The form of exercise offered by yoga for seniors usually consists of soft and gentle moves to help strengthen the joints and muscles. These yoga moves are designed so that every elderly individual would be able to perform, remembering any specific physical limitations and needs.

Mind and Body Exercise for Seniors

Yoga combines physical exercise and meditation elements, so besides exercising your body yoga will also help in rejuvenating your mind. Memory loss and stress is a big problem for elderly people, not only experiencing those situation becomes a problem but those conditions could also lead to a more critical health conditions like Alzheimers. Yoga helps your mind to relax with proper breathing methods so you can avoid these conditions.

Reducing Physical Problems and Disease

Older people are more prone to many kinds of diseases, and physical problems, however yoga has been known as one of the best efforts to avoid these unfortunate conditions. From sleeping problems to an extreme health condition like Alzheimers can be avoided through the proper yoga practice. Other health conditions can be avoided with the regular practice of yoga include: prostate problems, bladder problems, arthritis, osteoporosis, and many more.

There are no limitations in yoga, no matter how old you are you can get the benefits from it, from small kids to a ninety year old grandmother, everyone can practice yoga and become a healthier person, mind, body and spirit.

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